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Rhomberg Rail

Railway Infrastructure Construction

Rhomberg Rail, part of the Rhomberg Group, is a prime contractor and specialist consultancy covering all types of infrastructure concerning railways across the world.

Rhomberg Rail, part of the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group, is a prime contractor and specialist consultancy covering all types of infrastructure concerning railways across the world. Its expertise ranges from railway construction (slab track or ballast track), electrification and machinery to safety and temporary infrastructure. Rhomberg Rail has years of experience in major international projects, which makes us a natural first choice when looking for a competent contractor or partner.

Project management, design and consulting

Rhomberg Rail develops the project scope, performs the design, the planning and prepares everything for its customers in detail, as requested and on time. It makes the most complex railway projects a reality. If you need a competent consultant or contractor for discipline-specific solutions, material logistics and transport on and to site, supply chain management or any other rail-related problem solving – Rhomberg’s the right choice.

Slab track (ballastless track)

For ultimate accuracy, reliability, versatility and safety in track construction, Rhomberg Rail has developed its own slab track system, IVES. But due to the wide range of experience gained worldwide in slab track construction, the company frequently also uses other approved slab track systems, such as Rheda, base plates, rubber boots, etc. Rhomberg has proudly installed more than 600km of slab track thus far across Europe, which proves its natural excellence.

Ballast track and mechanised infrastructure maintenance

Rhomberg’s mechanised machine park for track construction and maintenance represents the latest state-of-the-art technology, and is continuously being modernised. Its extensive fleet is flexible and can be deployed in any given situation.

Electrifical infrastructure solutions

Power supply, telecommunication, electromechanical equipment, control technology, overhead lines (catenary), safety and security systems: Rhomberg Rail specialises in the whole spectrum of electrical infrastructure for railways, including the special challenges posed by substations, tunnels and bridge constructions, ensuring ultimate operational safety and trouble-free maintenance.

Safety and temporary infrastructure

Reliable temporary infrastructure provided by Rhomberg Rail is your guarantee for safety. Rhomberg ensures that all construction sites are supplied with adequate power, lighting, reliable communication systems, safety equipment and fresh air to underground construction sites and tunnels.

In-house technology for railways of the future

Trains of the future are faster, more advanced, efficient and place a higher demand on the track structure. Rhomberg Rail’s innovations, tailor-made solutions and in-house developed technology set the standard for the future. Two of the latest developments are the innovative slab track system, IVES and the technologically advanced slab track-ballast track transition system, V-TRAS.

Other, more established outstanding adjustment and surveying systems used for accurate slab track settings, include the HERGIE and PLASMA systems.

References and flagship projects

Rhomberg Rail’s references and projects include:

  • Austria – Brenner Northern Approach – Slab track, mass spring systems and basic infrastructure, signalling, telecommunication and power supply, overhead line equipment (catenary). 01/2009-07/2012.
  • Germany – VDE 8.1 NBS Ebensfeld – Erfurt – Electrical infrastructure installations in tunnels and on open line, electrical supply, transformer stations, point heating systems and emergency lighting. 05/2014 – 09/2015
  • Sweden – City Tunnel Malmö – Installation of 13,2km slab track (HA-LVT type), 6 sets of of switches and 6 transition sections (Ballast / Slab track). 09/2009 – 04/2010
  • Switzerland – Cross-city Link (Dürchmesserlinie) Zürich – Prime Contractor, slab track, electrical installations, safety equipment and signage. 07/2012 – 12/2013
  • Switzerland – prime contractor (the complete range of infrastructure, including slab track, electrical and temporary infrastructure) for the Lötschberg Base Tunnel. 10/2002 – 06/2007
  • Switzerland – Simplon Tunnel – Construction of cable conduits and door niche, installation of carious safety enhancements in tunnel tubes I and II and furthermore installation of a drainage system and adaption of tunnel inverts and shafts. 03/2012 – 12/2014

Rhomberg Rail has performed some interesting projects across Europe, Australia, Asia and America. Visit the website for more information


handraiLIT is a modern, cost-effective orientation and guidance system for railway tunnels and many other applications.


IVES stands for intelligent, versatile, efficient, solid. All these characteristics are embodied in this integrated concept, which is based on an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various long-term tested slab track techniques.

Product ZOKA

Zoka is a monitoring and communications system for large construction sites.


The RhoTAS G5 lift and position system sets new standards with respect to accuracy, load capacity, shape stability, versatility and handling.


The versatile transition system (V-TRAS) module is a simple, integrated and sustainable solution to this problem that can be used largely irrespective of whatever types of track construction are involved.

Winchburgh’s 44-Day Blockade

The £742 million Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Project (EGIP) will electrify the Edinburgh to Glasgow main line that carries around 20,000 passengers each day and is Britain's busiest inter-urban route.

Ideas that Last

As a prime contractor, we undertake the full range of railway and track engineering works, from project management and planning, to maintenance, providing on-track machines and supplying temporary infrastructure and safety equipment to a construction site.

Overcome Vibration Challenges in Railway Construction

Nothing enhances Rhomberg's expertise better than a challenging project. This is what happened with the key part of the Berlin Palermo rail route when crossing the Alps and concerns raised about the effects of vibration.

Finch West Light Rail Transit, Toronto

Finch West Light Rail Transit (LRT) is a new light rail network proposed to be constructed in Toronto, Canada. The 11km-long LRT will run between Humber College and the new Finch West Subway Station on the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension.

Malaga Metro, Andalusia

Malaga Metro is a light rail network serving the city of Malaga, Andalusia, Spain. The first two lines (Line 1 and Line 2) of the light metro system, spanning 11.3km in total length, entered commercial service in July 2014.

Albabstieg (Gerlinde) Railway Tunnel

The Albabstieg tunnel, christened as Gerlinde tunnel, is a 5.9km railway tunnel under construction on the new Wendlingen-Ulm line in Germany.

Lund Tramway, Scania

The Lund Tramway is a proposed 5.5km-long, double-track tramway planned in the city of Lund in Scania (Skåne), southern Sweden.

Salzburg Central Station Reconstruction

Salzburg Central Station, also known as Salzburg Hauptbahnhof, is owned and operated by Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB Infrastruktur), and currently serves around 25,000 passengers in a day.

Nuremberg-Munich High-Speed Line

After Germany was reunified in 1990, a major priority for politicians was bringing together two transport networks that

Austrian Technology in the UK

Rhomberg Sersa is one of the main contractors involved in the modernisation of the Winchburgh Tunnel along the Edinburgh Glasgow railway line.

Track Australia Becomes Rhomberg Rail Australia

Since being acquired by the Rhomberg Group in 2005, Track Australia has developed at an extraordinary pace in response to both a dynamic management approach and a burgeoning Australian rail market. Australia has been fortunate to weather the global financial crisis through the continued developme

Rhomberg Bahntechnik Sign Major Contract with Brenner

ARGE Alptransit Energie, a consortium consisting of Rhomberg Bahntechnik and DB Bahnbau, was awarded the contract for the installation of the electrical infrastructure for the Brenner North Access Section. With the acceptance of this bid, Rhomberg Bahntechnik, which is part of the Rhomberg Bahnte

Rhomberg to Exhibit at InnoTrans 2010, Berlin

Rhomberg will be attending this years' InnoTrans convention in Berlin, Germany, from 21 to 24 September 2010. InnoTrans is one of the most established international industry showplaces focusing on the railway industry. The convention will boast a large number of reference projects as we

Founding of SPL–Rhomberg AG

The SPL–Rhomberg AG with head offices in St. Gallen was founded on 19 November 2004 by SPL Powerlines GmbH & Co. KG, Vienna and Rhomberg Bau AG, St. Gallen. SPL Powerlines was the result of a management buy out from Siemens AG Austria. It has substantial know-how in rail engineering for the c

Recent Developments in Track Surveying Methods

The need of very high accuracy for track surveying methods on the one hand and the use of transparent software combined with light modular equipment on the other one had induced the Austrian company Rhomberg Bahntechnik in the last years to develop in-house surveying systems to support its adjustmen

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