RhoTAS G5 lift and position system

The RhoTAS G5 lift and position system sets new standards with respect to accuracy, load capacity, shape stability, versatility and handling.


  • Minimum amount of work involved due to precise, quick and easy processes, with sources of error eliminated
  • High-precision installation thanks to a low imposed-stress system concept and optimally designed components
  • Wide field of application, because the requirements of all top-down track systems with direct fastenings, point support blocks and sleepers have been considered in the construction methods
  • Compact design based on portable, easy-to-install modules with high load capacities
  • Lightweight, intuitive and simple to use because of the practical installation and operating concept (including efficient one-man installation)
  • Minimum intrusion into track construction, thanks to the use of slender but robust steel spindles
  • Adjustability through simple adaptation to suit project requirements, such as track gauge, transverse inclination of the rail, rail type, and installation height.
  • High load capacity due to articulated and flexible load-bearing concept
  • Can be travelled over in the mounted position by a variety of rail-bound vehicles, thanks to high load capacity and compact design
  • High shape stability through the articulated, flexible and therefore low imposed-stress load-bearing concept, without detriment to track gauge and transverse inclination of the rail
  • Substantial robustness and insensitivity to dirt, thanks to the integrated protection of all critical moving parts