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Railway-technology.com, with its blend of news, analysis and special in-depth reports, gets straight to the heart of issues affecting the working lives of people dealing with technology in the railway industry. From boardroom directors to trackside staff, or third-party providers, railway-technology.com offers a comprehensive view of the industry, staying on top of the latest industry movements and views.

Our global team of reporters make sure railway-technology.com is focused on leading issues around the world, and the people that influence these.

When you combine this coverage with one of the most comprehensive and detailed listings of railway equipment suppliers, products and services, free white paper downloads and company press releases, you can see why railway-technology.com is the key point of reference for the rail industry.

Working with sister publications airport-technology.com and www.roadtraffic-technology.com, has the leading edge on issues within the transport industry, from transport policy to integral rail links.

Our team of search engine marketers are dedicated to continuously improving our clients’ web rankings. Our unique approach to marketing and established techniques have a long history of proven results across all major search engines.

Client profiles are continuously monitored to ensure that they are fully optimised and that traffic drawn to their profile is also being directed to their own websites.

We have an extensive skill base in three main areas of search engine optimisation:

  • An editorial team producing expert web optimised copy
  • An online marketing team monitoring the effectiveness of our clients’ profiles and working on link-building and other SEO techniques
  • A programming team creating highly optimised code

We have invested heavily in proving the direct value of our web-based services to our clients. All our websites use the industry-leading reporting software, Webtrends. Our clients automatically receive basic reports containing everything they need to measure the return on their marketing expenditure. In addition, we offer advanced reports for clients that are looking to find out more detailed information to help them with their own marketing activities.

The unique resources of Kable harness the power and potential of the Internet. The intensive and continuous promotion of our sites to named senior personnel ensures that they are a bookmarked option for senior management throughout the railway industry on a global basis. Advanced search engine marketing and optimisation techniques bring proven results on all major search engines, which direct traffic to our sites and, from there, to our clients’ own home pages.

Our policy of continuously updating our websites ensures that industry professionals can rely on our coverage of international railway industry developments to inform their decisions when specifying or procuring products or services.

Users of railway-technology.com include procurement directors, track engineers, heads of engineering, design engineers and technical managers from privatised and non-privatised railway operators.

Position Company Country
Freight Conductor CSX Railroad USA
Brake Buyer Alstom France
Mechanical Engineer Eurostar UK
Safety Manager DSB Denmark
Project Director Alstom China
CEO Union Pacific USA
Head Buyer SEPSA Spain
Researcher Korail South Korea
Vehicle and Track Engineer Queensland Rail Australia
Electrical Designer Bombardier USA
Engineer MRS Logstica Brazil
Locomotive Engineer Toll Rail NewZeland
Communication and Marketing Manager Abellio Germany
Senior Technical Officer SBS Transit Singapore
Director ABC Railroad Products Singapore
Head of Train Engineering Siemens Austria
Director Project Management Bombardier Belgium
Systems Engineer Siemens USA
Senior Industrial Engineer JOHNSTONE MCGEE & GANDY PTY LTD Australia
Rail Safety Manager John Holland Rail Australia
Principle HASSELL Architects Australia

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Pickersgill-Kayehas been present on the railway-technology site for almost ten years. The website has implemented many improvements over the years. It provides us with a great storefront to present our company in front of an international audience. It is easy to navigate and the layout and design is improved on an ongoing basis. We are very pleased with the lead generation from the site, the assistance from our account manager Amandeep and the support from the client services team. The site provides us with a great value for money offering and is a fantastic way for us to promote ourselves to the international rail sector.

Director – Business Development
ASSA ABLOY LTD Trading As Pickersgill Kaye

The Railway Technology website is a great resource for news and contacts across the industry. We have used the site for at least four years and the service form Amandeep, Cece and the team has been second to none. We would definitely recommend it.

Transportation Practice Manager

We have partnered with Railway Technology for a number of years and the leads and the brand exposure we have generated off the back of our relationship has been excellent. The website is really easy to navigate and is clearly used by a significant number of rail industry professionals as a key industry reference.

Marketing & Communications Director

We signed up with Railway-Technology in 2010 when Powernet started to build awareness in the railway segment with launch of the ADC9000 rail approved auxiliary power units. Ever since, Railway-Technology has been our reliable workhorse in marketing our message to the rail business.

Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Powernet Oy

The Railway Technology website prominently showcases our train weighing products and services. The Kable team are very attentive to our specific needs and their approach is friendly, professional and knowledgeable.

Business Development Manager
Weighwell Engineering Ltd

The Railway Technology website has proved to be an important aid to SNC-Lavalin’s international efforts. The site has helped introduce our organisation to numerous potential clients and partners worldwide, and achieve a significant increase in awareness throughout the industry of SNC-Lavalin’s Total Transit Solution approach to development of transit systems.

Senior Vice President

Working in the railway industry, Siemens Transportation systems has found Railway Technology a highly international, professional website that has provided us with enquiries and new contacts. Since we have been advertising on it the site has proved to be a valuable marketing tool.”

Group Communications and External Relations
Siemens AG

Lantal Textiles is a leading designer, manufacturer, and service provider in the domain of soft interiors for air, rail, and bus transportation authorities around the world. Our presence on the Aerospace Technology and Railway Technology platforms launched by kable Ltd support our measures to enhance industry awareness of our brand, our products, and our services. The profiles have demonstrably directed additional traffic to our website and are generating quality leads.

Director Brand Dialog
Lantal Textiles – Transportation Fashion

We require more information and quotations for the following:

(1) Wheel adaptors journal either (9 X 4 1/2) or (9 X 5). OEM Part no.: SKF 1637602. Quantity: 500

(2) Bearings OEM Part no.: 3263369. Quantity: 500

(3) Coil Spring OEM Part no.: DRG No. Z6863/46E. Quantity: 500

We want to buy from your company steel rails and small railways rolling steel material (plates,etc.) necessary to repair urban railroadways and tramways. Please let me
know if you are able to deliver the products (60 tons of grooved rails and 140 tons of S49 rails plus the necessary plates) we are ready to send you the first order.

We have a requirement for at least 100 brake
shoes 250 x 80, 929-1. Can you please have
your UK agent contact me.

We ae looking to replace our exsisting type of surge arrester for a model similar in
dimensions and specifications.

Maximum continous operating voltage 900Vdc
Peak residual voltage @80kA(4/10us)
Max energy withstand (2ms)20kj
Reference voltage @ 10mAdc-1000v minimum
Temperature range -5 to 50c
Weight 850grams.

******** Railway need 3,00,000 nos Grooved
Rubber Pad. If you are in a position to quote, please reply immediately.

Cost of supply of BR930 spec relays. Lead time and quantity. Looking to obtain a float of 1000ish relays of different types for use on *********** Infrastructure. Following the renewal of existing relays, they will be reserviced. Please quote for this if possible.

Seeking a 40-50 ton locomotive rail crane. Need 60′ boom.