Satek develops and produces high quality sanitary cabins, washbasins, tank facilities and automatic doors. Satek is a customer and project-oriented company, and as such, quality is not only a commitment but also a natural part of our self-image.

Development and construction of WC cabins

Our engineering department can provide decades of knowledge within the field of development and construction of WC cabins. Our core competencies include:

  • Production and development of WC cabins (integration of subsystems)
  • Construction in 2D and 3D
  • Documentation (according to FSF guidelines)
  • Project planning
  • Mock-up, model and prototype fabrication
  • Interface analysis

Manual / automatic WC door system

Our new ‘samove’ WC door system can be used both manually and automatically, without any restrictions or loss of comfort. Every user can decide whether he/she wants to close and lock the door manually or automatically.

As it can operate both manually and automatically, the ‘samove’ WC door always covers your needs. For example, if the door is not closed properly by hand it will automatically close itself after a short time, whilst in an electrical power outage itwill still work manually.

Individual customer and project requirements can be met by using a microprocessor controller.

Nappy changing table

We supply a nappy changing table, featuring:

  • Intelligent maintenance-free and easy-care design
  • Solid construction allowing loading capacity up to 90kg
  • Protection against vandalism through resistant materials
  • The ability to be installed both on and in the wall

The nappy changing table can be delivered standalone. Clients who use this stand-alone version are railway carriage or WC cabin producers.

Mounting or flush-mounting nappy changing table

The nappy changing table can be delivered as a mounting or flush-mounting solution. For both versions the fold-out process of the plate will be supported by a gas spring. The maximum load is 900N. The pan is designed in such a way that dirt or liquid cannot get behind the construction when the pan is folded away.

The nappy changing table complies with all necessary standards, and if desired it can be delivered with an additional holding strap.

WC cabin construction references

  • Universal WCs for 320 Bombardier + Siemens ET 424 – 426 trains
  • Universal WCs for 255 PFA Puma / BPMZ / Integral trains
  • Universal WCs for 208 Bombardier VT 612 trains
  • Universal WCs for 177 Bombardier TALENT 643 – 644 trains
  • Standard and universal WCs for 114 Siemens Krefeld Velaro RUSSIA trains
  • Universal WCs for 86 Bombardier NINA / Jumbo Universal WC trains
  • Standard and universal WCs for 75 Stadler – Regioshuttle / FLIRT trains
  • Universal WCs for 73 Bombardier / Stadler – GTW 2/6 trains
  • Standard WCs for 66 LIRR / USA – Rail Road trains
  • Standard and universal WCs for 60 Siemens Krefeld Velaro China trains
  • Universal WCs for 60 Siemens Erlangen Doppelstock SBB trains
  • Standard WCs for 123 DB TTF / BR 711 trains
  • Universal WCs for 18 NedTrain BpmZ trains

Quality management system and certifications

We have an active quality management system and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Since May 2001 we have been eligible to weld for rail vehicles in accordance with DIN 6700-2. Satek has an environmental management system approved according to DIN EN ISO 14001.

Our strengths include:

  • Technical competence
  • Customer-oriented and committed team
  • Flexible working through lean structures
  • Broad service
  • Flexible and reliable after sales service
  • Experienced production delivery
  • Individual solutions

Alstom, Bombardier Transportation, Siemens Transportation and Stadler are amongst our client base.