V-tras rail tracks

Some types of track construction, for example slab track and traditional ballast roadbed, differ greatly in their behaviour over time. The transition between sections of different track constructions frequently develops defects during operation. The versatile transition system (V-TRAS) module is a simple, integrated and sustainable solution to this problem, which can be used largely irrespective of whatever types of track construction are involved.


  • Even distribution of differential settlement of substructures and superstructures (e.g. transitions between engineering structures and earthworks)
  • Can be used irrespective of slab track construction type
  • No special sleepers or other additional measures required
  • Precise and sustained determination of the settlement and stiffness characteristics through the use of durable elements (steel and elastomers)
  • Low number of different elements and therefore potential sources of defects
  • All the advantages of factory prefabrication
  • Use of conventional track construction methods
  • Simple rectification of installation errors and operational damage
  • No restrictions on incorporating additional track infrastructure
  • Large supported area results in low stress in the elastic elements