site communications

ZOKA is a monitoring and communications system for large construction sites. It regulates the following:

Access and positioning:

  • The centrally monitored system allows you to limit access to people and vehicles with authorisation cards. Badges or tags automatically open or close access barriers according to their authorisation.
  • Video monitoring
  • Personnel monitoring
  • The construction site can be divided into various positioning zones
  • With its integrated UPS units, our system maintains perfect communication and positioning in the tunnel, even in the event of a main power failure.


Site communications play a key role in the safe management of construction sites. They ensure that proper connections with the outside world are maintained and information can be exchanged efficiently on site.

Special communications distribution cabinets include emergency telephones, which can also identify a caller’s position.


Two rotating lights fastened to the distribution cabinet indicate the alarm level, and are supplemented by a signal horn. Initiated in the control centre, alarms can cover the whole construction site or just individual sections.