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Railteco Wheels, Axles, Bogies and Wagons for the Railway Industry


Jiangsu Railteco Equipment (Railteco) provides R&D, design, manufacturing and maintenance services for the railway industry.

Railteco performs railway axle forging, hot-working and finishing services, and also assembles railway wheelsets, bogies and vehicles.

Railway axles for locomotives and light rail vehicles

Railteco provides axles for locomotives, passenger cars, wagons, metros, trains and light rail vehicles.

The axles comply with standards established by the Association of American Railroads (AAR), International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS), Technical Specification for Interoperability (TSI) and Deutsche Bahn (DB).

Railteco offers drive axles, as well as axles for locomotives, non-driven freight wagons, and passenger coaches.

Wheels and wheelsets for rail vehicles

Railteco produces wheels for locomotives, passenger cars, wagons, metros, trains, light rail vehicles and scooters. The wheels comply with AAR, IRIS, TSI and DB standards.

The Wheel’s World website, established by Railteco and Masteel, offers more than 300 wheel types that have been applied in locomotives, passenger trains, wagons and subways in Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe.

Railway bogies for trains and electric multiple units (EMUs)

Railteco produces a variety of railway bogies that comply with AAR, IRIS, TSI and International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Bogies are provided for coaches, locomotives, wagons, metros, trains, high-speed electric multiple units (EMUs) and light rail vehicles.

Wagons for standard, narrow and meter gauge railway tracks

Railteco designs and manufactures flat, tank, covered, open-top and hopper wagons for standard, narrow and meter gauges.

The wagons are produced to meet TB/T, AAR and International Union of Railway (UIC) standards, as well as customer’s specific requirements.

Railway coach interior design, production and assembly

Railteco provides a complete railway vehicle interior solution, from technical design and production to on-site interior assembly.

Railteco is equipped with a professional railway vehicle interiors design team and a 10,000m² workshop, with a monthly production capacity of 20 vehicles.

High-quality, custom-designed railway maintenance equipment

Railteco has a professional team for railway maintenance equipment and has obtained more than 50 design invention patents. Railteco designs and manufactures various railway maintenance equipment based on customers’ requirements.

Through its professional management team, Railteco provides high-quality railway maintenance products to customers worldwide.

Pre-stressed concrete sleepers for railway tracks

Railteco manufactures pre-stressed concrete sleepers, including new II type, III a type, III b type and III c type sleepers, for narrow and broad railway track gauges.

Railteco also offers ballasted and ballastless transition segment sleepers, passenger line turnout sleepers and slabs, and ballastless double-block sleepers.

In addition, Railteco provides track circuit, bridge, electrical insulation and metro sleepers.

About Railteco

Railteco is capable of producing 20,000 wheel pieces, 30,000 axle components, 10,000 wheelsets, 4,000 bogie sets and 1,000 welding frame sets annually. Its solutions meet accessory requirements for locomotives, passenger cars, wagons and EMUs.

Railteco has sold products to more than 100 customers in over 40 countries, contributing to the development and transportation safety of the world’s railways. Railteco has been practicing China’s ‘Going Out’ strategy to expand its services worldwide.

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Railteco Rolling Stock Parts

Jiangsu Railteco Equipment Company is a professional manufacturer focusing on rail transportation equipment products.


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Press Release

8 May 2019

Resilient wheels have an elastic layer between the steel tire and wheel centre.

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12 March 2019

The tunnel cleaning vehicle for railway, metro or train is a cleaning / washing vehicle designed and manufactured specifically for tunnel cleaning.

Read more
30 November 2018

YCY Mobile Rolling Bearing Mount and Demount Machine (Portable Bearing Mounting and Dismounting Machine) is flexible in movement, free from site constraints, and can satisfy the need for bearing press-fitting and withdrawing at the wheelset repair site.

Read more
8 October 2018

WY J2 Bearing Press-Fitting Machine is mainly used for non-axle box rolling bearing press fitting of railway EMU, passenger cars, light rails and metros.

Read more
17 September 2018

Railteco's Wheel-set Unloading Machine is suitable for wheels, brake discs and gears from the wheelsets by metre, standard or wide gauge.

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28 August 2018

Railteco's self-discharging open hopper wagon is suitable for carrying bulk goods such as ballast and ore.

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7 August 2018

Railteco's Phosphoric Acid Tank Wagon is specially designed and manufactured to transport phosphoric acid.

Read more
16 July 2018

YCY Mobile Rolling Bearing Mount and Demount Machine is flexible in movement, free from site constraints, providing bearing press-fitting and withdrawing at the wheel-set repair site. 

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25 June 2018

Railteco's WY2 Rolling Bearing Press-Fitting Machine is designed for non-axle box rolling bearing press fitting for railway freight vehicle wheelsets.

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4 June 2018

ZZP Built-in Electric Wheel-Set Turntable has a maximum diameter smaller than the standard track gauge of φ1,435mm.

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14 May 2018

Railteco’s Type A Wheelset Press-Fitting (Mounting, Assembly or Charging) Machine is used for unloading and assembling wheels, brake discs, and gear wheels.

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Economic and Technological Development Zone

Zhangjiagang City,


Jiang Su Province


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