Railteco provides three main types of railway axles for locomotives, wagons and passenger cars.

Locomotive Axles

The locomotive axle type is larger than an ordinary axle as it has a larger weight capacity.

They are manufactured to AAR M-101, TB/T 1027 and EN13261 standards.

Wagon Axles

Wagon axles normally have two shifts, with a single axle type and lower production accuracy. They can also carry large loads.

These axles are manufactured to AAR M-101, TB/T 2945 and EN13261 regulations.

Passenger Car Axles

Passenger car axle have a small load capacity, with power and non-powered types.

The axle type is slightly more technical than the ordinary axle, with more axle shifts and high precision machining.

AAR M-101, TB/T 2945, EN13261 manufacturing standards are met for passenger car axles.