Railteco provides grain hopper wagons that are used to transport goods by rail.

Main characteristics

The wagon is suitable for carrying bulk goods, such as grain, corn, and soya that need to be protected against weather conditions.

Loading hatches are covered with five independent covers, unloading hatches are with sliding doors.

The wagon design meets the requirements of AAR standard.

Wagon capabilities

The wagon is loaded from the top after the covers are opened. Top covers are manually operated from wagon top platform.

The wagon is unloaded from the bottom hatches. Sliding doors are manually operated from both wagon sides, each door separately. The goods are unloaded between the rails.

The axle-load ranges from 16t to 23t according to client requirements.

Main parameters

Tare weight ≤20t
Payload 54t
Capacity 66m3
Axle load 18.5t
Track gauge 1067mm
Max. Operating speed 80km/h
Length over coupler 13095mm
Qty. Of load hatch 5
Size of load hatch 1094mm by 600mm
Qty. Of unload hatch 3
Size of unload hatch 685mm by 325mm
Break type AAR
Coupler type Customisable
Bogie type Cast type