The Y25 bogie is available for use on railway gauges of 1,435mm for application in new-making and serving wagons.

The axle load is 22.5t with an operating speed of 120km/h.

The bogie consists of a wheelset, axle box, suspension device, bogie frame, basic brake rigging and a load-proportional device.

The bogie frame is welded with high construction speed and low unsprung weight.

The spherical surface pivot bearing enlarges the contact area between the pivot bearing of bogie and car body. The load is equally distributed, with the ability to deliver strengthened longitudinal and traversal force.

A two-level stiffness spring suspension system improves the vertical stationarity of tare wagon, so both tare wagon and laden wagon have enhanced dynamic performance.

Lenoir devices allow for varying damping force of tare and laden wagon requirements to be satisfied.

Elastic side bearing improves the hunting motion stability of the bogie. By adopting block brakes on both sides of each wheel, brake efficiency is improved and wear is reduced.

By adopting a weighting device, the automatic adjustment of brake force of tare and laden wagon situation is achieved.

Technical and performance parameters

The main technical and performance parameters of the Y25 bogie include:

  • Gauge: 1,435mm
  • Axle load: 22.5t
  • Tare weight: ≤4.7t
  • Wheelbase: 1,800mm
  • Maximum running speed: 120km/h
  • Diameter of wheels: 920mm