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Ballast Hopper Wagon

Railteco’s self-discharging open hopper wagon is suitable for carrying bulk goods such as ballast and ore.

Wagon unloading is done via two left doors, two right doors and two centre doors. The doors are operated pneumatically. Air operating the doors is taken from the train brake pipe.

The left doors and right doors can also be operated by manpower. The wagon design meets the requirements of AAR or TB standard.

The wagon is loaded from the open top. The goods are discharged either on the two sides of rails also between rails.

The range of axle-load is from 16t to 23t according to client’s requirement.

Parameters include:

Tare weight ≤24t
Payload 60t
Capacity 36m3
Axle load As per client
Track gauge As per client
Maximum operating speed 80km/h
Length over coupler 12,038mm (approximately)
R­min (single wagon) 70m
Quantity of unloading doors 6
Bottom door opening 190mm (approximately)
End wall angle 36.5°
Brake type AAR or TB
Coupler type As per client
Bogie type Cast type
Operating type of bottom door pneumatically and manually

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