Railteco can deliver four types of railway wheelsets for passenger cars, urban rail vehicles, wagons and mine cars.

Passenger Car Wheelsets

Used for passenger car bogies, the wheelsets come in two main types: power wheelsets and non-powered wheelsets.

Power wheelsets consist of driving devices, whereas non-powered wheelsets as a slave drive do not provide traction force.

The common passenger car wheels brake mode is wheel disc brake and axle disc brake, with tread brakes sometimes applied.

The passenger car wheelset manufacture and inspection processes are strict, meeting  TB / T 1718 and EN 13260 standards.

Urban Rail Vehicle Wheelsets

Urban rail vehicle wheelsets are a variant of passenger car wheelsets.

The differences include a lower running speed at up to 120km/h. In addition, run-time brakes are most common, wheel tread wear can be serious, which requires regular maintenance.

Wagon Wheelsets

Wagon wheelsets have poorer running conditions with a heavy wheel load.

Tread brake mode is normally adapted for wagon wheelsets.

Manufacturing and inspection are simple, meeting TB/T 1718 and EN 13260 standards.

Mine Car Wheelsets

Used for mining vehicle wheelsets, they have harsh running conditions with different wheelset types available to suit a range of conditions.