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ZZP Built-in Electric Wheelset Turntable

ZZP Built-in Electric Wheel-Set Turntable has a maximum diameter smaller than the standard track gauge of φ1,435mm.

There is no need to cut the rail when installing, which will not reduce the bearing capacity of the rail, the steering wheel rises 50mm-70mm when turning direction.

The steering wheel resets after turning, slow and shock-free during rising and resetting, the wheelset does not have contact with the turntable when normally passing the rails, which can protect the wheel tread and turntable to the greatest extent. Provide Cloud-based remote data collection solutions to better serve users.

Main technical parameters include:

  • Turntable diameter: φ1,425mm
  • Turntable indexing angle: ±90°, ±180°
  • Turntable lifting weight: 2.5t
  • Turntable loading weight (stationary): 5t
  • Turntable lifting height: 50mm-70mm
  • Turntable bearing weight (motion): 2.5t
  • Motor power: 1.1kW
  • Overall dimension: 1,425mm×1,425mm×550mm

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