Pyrotek is a global engineering leader in providing top-quality acoustic and thermal insulation solutions and specialised system products for the rail industry. The company boasts over 40 years of noise control experience, world-class manufacturing technologies and advanced research and development expertise.

Pyrotek develops innovative, cost-effective solutions to meet international rail industry requirements and regulatory demands within light rail, metro, commuter, regional, intercity and high-speed train sectors, as well as electric and diesel locomotives and infrastructure.


Pyrotek manufactures a large portfolio of high-performing, specialised acoustic and thermal solutions to mitigate noise levels, internationally certified for use in the rail industry.
To reduce noise levels in a rail carriage, it is important to consider the noise source and select the most suitable type of noise mitigation method accordingly.
Pyrotek offers a variety of vibration damping materials to address structure-borne noise issues, including sprayable coatings with excellent fire properties for weight-sensitive, interior and exterior applications.
The company’s product portfolio includes noise barriers, acoustic absorbers, composites and custom-made products designed to attenuate both airborne and structure-borne noise.
Surrounding infrastructure requires a sophisticated, high-performance noise mitigation strategy for nearby walls, tunnels and other areas to protect from increased noise levels.
Anti-condensation products inhibit the formation of condensation by introducing a thermal gradient over the entire substrate surface, hence protecting the structural integrity of carriages.
Effective reduction of structure-borne noise generated during contact between the track and railway rolling stock wheel, also known as wheel/rail interface, can be achieved using a high-performance engineered polymer composite.

The company provides:

  • Customisation
  • In-house research and development (R&D)
  • Global resources with local support
  • Over 40 years of experience providing noise control and thermal solutions

Pyrotek operates in more than 35 countries globally through six research and development centres, five engineering centres, as well as global headquarters in Spokane, Washington, US.

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From absorbers and barriers to coatings, composites and more

Pyrotek product portfolio offers a wide array of products designed for specific applications in rail vehicles and systems tested and proven for performance and compliance.

Pyrotek is committed to delivering international testing and results to ensure safety, material quality and excellent performance. Products are independently certified, time tested and supported by proven results.

High-performance speciality coatings

Pyrotek’s anti-vibration and thermal, anti-condensation coatings have been developed to suit typical and special rail conditions. Lightweight with superior performance, they are easy to apply, hard-wearing, optimised to suit interior or exterior rail applications. All coatings boast excellent application benefits, including better and seamless coverage and lower consumption.

Vibration and isolation control

Vibration in transportation can result in adverse noise levels and component fatigue-decreased proficiency, impacting the longevity of service. This is where Pyrotek products come in place for their high-performance vibration control without the added weight. Lighter, easier to apply compounds mean reduction in structure-borne noise, even in limited space applications.

Noise transfer control

Noise barriers protect travelling passengers by controlling noise transfer from outside or from engines compartments. Pyrotek’s range of specialised materials offers dense, thin, flexible, tear-resistant, durable properties with effective reduction of airborne noise transfer, generated from the track and bogies. Unique composites have been developed to simplify acoustic treatment and save space by introducing damping properties to noise barriers. Internally damped materials are the most efficient in terms of noise transfer across the full frequency range.

Acoustic and thermal absorbers

Insulating wall cavities with adequate absorptive material reduces reverberation resulting in lower noise levels inside the carriage. Pyrotek’s range of specialised materials has optimised acoustic and thermal properties for various applications.

Noise-reducing solutions for locomotives

Noise transfer and thermal conductivity in engines and compartments within railway cabins are significant issues. Heavy gauge steel structures need proven systems and unique compositions to solve tough challenges. Pyrotek offers unique solutions for locomotive cabins, doors or small enclosure construction to improve transmission loss and reduce structure-borne noise, all for a perfect driver cabin environment.

Infrastructure and tunnels

Increasing rail speed and frequency of movements means greater noise emissions and impact on residents and the local urban environment. Surrounding infrastructure requires a sophisticated, high-performance noise mitigation strategy for nearby walls, tunnels and other areas to protect nearby occupants, commuters and structures.

All can be suitably addressed with highly durable, absorptive and damping materials by Pyrotek, sustainable, non-combustible, for challenging, natural-look indoor and outdoor applications.

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