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DYSTEN Rail Passenger Information Displays


DYSTEN designs, manufactures and installs passenger information displays for railway stations, and bus and tram stops.

The company’s wide range of solutions provide passengers with clear, readable information about real-time departures, arrivals, delays and route changes.

Its dynamic passenger information displays are based on light-emitting diode (LED), liquid crystal display (LCD) or thin-film-transistor (TFT) technologies. The manufacturer has also launched energy-efficient solutions based on e-paper technology.

Main station passenger information displays

Station displays provide passengers about necessary travel information, such as arrival / departure times, platform numbers, destinations, intermediate stations, possible delays, and train types and numbers.

As a manufacturer, the company’s solutions comply with railway standards and specific customer requirements, even in the most demanding environments.

DYSTEN’s displays have an open communication protocol and can be easily incorporated into any existing station management system.

Platform and tunnel passenger information systems

Displays for platforms, tunnels and underground passageways provide travellers with detailed information about incoming trains.

DYSTEN offers small, medium or large devices in single-sided or double-sided formats, with an analogue or digital clock and a mounted camera for surveillance purposes.

Devices can be fitted with two-way communication panels equipped with an SOS button, text-to-speech (TTS) button, microphone and speaker.

The SOS button enables immediate communication with a passenger assistance centre, while the TTS technology helps visually impaired people to use public transportation. The announcement system operates within a data network together with the display units.

The outdoor platform display is able to withstand an array of environments, including adverse weather conditions, extreme temperatures, dust and vandalism.

Information displays for stations

DYSTEN offers a wide variety of passenger information displays to be mounted in passenger traffic areas throughout stations. Suitable for details such as train journey origins and destinations, arrival and departure times, and service data, the system also broadcast films and animations, including commercials.

LCD and TFT technologies are used in the freestanding, wall or ceiling-mounted displays, and the matrix brightness and protection level depend on the location. The company’s solutions are available in a variety of sizes and layouts.

DYSTEN’s Infokiosk system enables the display of various passenger information on a single screen.

On-board passenger information displays

The company installs LED displays on the front, side and rear of vehicles. These displays inform passengers about directions, intermediate stops, and train numbers and types.

An on-board screen is installed inside the vehicle and shows information, such as times, directions, next stops, train data, route maps, outside weather conditions, vehicle speed and adverts.

About Dysten

DYSTEN’s range of passenger information displays is based on cooperation with public transport designers, architects and engineers, as well as 18 years of experience gained during multiple proportional-integral-derivative (PIDS) realisations in Europe.

The company constantly develops and improves its devices to enhance the quality of public transportation and support traffic engineering.

Advantages offered by the company’s range of solutions include:

  • Displays work for up to eight hours on a single charge
  • Real-time monitoring of platforms, tunnel or stations using a mounted mini-camera
  • Emergency assistance via an SOS panel mounted in a device pillar
  • Quick removal of information on the displays, due to an integrated train detection sensor
  • Facilities for the visually impaired through a TTS system
  • Digital visual interface (DVI) connections enable flexible display of graphics and videos

DYSTEN is ISO 9001: 2009 certified for the design, manufacture and service of installation of audiovisual systems.

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Press Release

Dysten to Exhibit at Middle East Rail in 2020

Dysten will be showcasing their latest passenger information displays for the railway industry at Middle East Rail 2020.

White Papers

Dynamic Passenger Information Displays for Railway Stations

DYSTEN provides a range of passenger information displays for railways stations, as well as bus and tram stops.


Ul. Grunwaldzka 91

41-800 Zabrze


+48 32 630 19 31 +48 797 026 352 www.dysten.pl/en Dysten on YouTube


Products and Services

TFT Displays for Stops, Tunnels, Platforms and Stations

DYSTEN designs, builds, delivers and installs TFT LCD displays for passenger information systems. Any information, such as journey connections, high-resolution graphics, videos, advertisements, news and more can be shown using TFT technology. Depending on the installation site, DYSTEN uses monitors with varying brightness.

LCD with Backlight Displays for Stations

DYSTEN designs, builds, delivers and installs LCD displays with backlight for railway stations. Large display panels guide passengers to their trains and inform them reliably about their journey times and more. The display size can be defined by the customer due to the modular structure.

LCD TFT TOTEM for Stations and Platforms

DYSTEN designs, builds, delivers and installs thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal displays (TFT LCD) for passenger information systems. The LCD TFT TOTEM meets all the demands of visual passenger information at stations and platforms. Any information, such as journey connections, high-resolution graphics, videos, advertisements, news and more can be shown using TFT technology.

LED Passenger Information Displays for Stations and Stops

DYSTEN designs, builds, delivers and installs light emitting diode (LED) passenger information displays for railway stations and bus and tram stops.

E-Paper Passenger Information Display

E-paper passenger information display is an alternative to traditional paper timetables or LED and LCD displays at bus stops.

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Dysten will be showcasing their latest passenger information displays for the railway industry at Middle East Rail 2020.

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Regional Offices


Ul. Grunwaldzka 91

41-800 Zabrze


+48 32 630 19 31 +48 797 026 352 www.dysten.pl/en Dysten on YouTube

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