DYSTEN has been working with companies in the railway industry to provide passenger information systems for many years.

We manufacture numerous types of systems used in trains, transport interchanges, platforms, level crossings, outside railway wagons, and at the underground.

All our solutions are selected individually based on customer requirements, from initial concept, design, production, to assembly,  activation, and service.

Rain, snow, frost, wind, strong sunlight, UV radiation and dust are all factors that affect electronic devices used in railway operations. We employ advanced technologies to ensure that images and text displayed are clearly even in difficult conditions with wide viewing angles.

Our devices are equipped with advanced temperature management systems. DYSTEN displays operate in temperatures up to 80°C, and as low as -50°C.

We manufacture enclosures that are vandal and weather-resistant in accordance with the IP65 marking, in any colour of the RAL palette, with complete protection against dust and water projected in powerful jets of the 12.5mm nozzle against the enclosure from any direction.

Our devices operate all day. We can guarantee benchmarking technical parameters along with high durability.

Various display sizes and technologies allow us to develop information systems for use in a railway station hall, waiting room, tunnel or inside a railway carriage.

They can combine video and audio functions, display basic journey information, tourist information, and advertisements, as well as films.

DYSTEN products combine functionality and aesthetics. We care for the visual attraction of our equipment and its modern design, matched to the environment and the expectations of a Contractor.

Numerous elements contribute to the great visual effect, such as windowpanes flushed with the enclosure, as well as special filters improving the visibility of text and graphics on displays.

Our team includes great engineers and technology enthusiasts with the best specialists, in order to construct technically advanced devices of outstanding durability.

Years of experience and passion that we create new technologies and develop the existing ones with allow us to manufacture every type of equipment according to any specification. Our products are operable across the world, in adverse conditions ranging from hot, sandy deserts to the frosty Siberian tundra.

Our devices can be managed online to provide seamless operation 24 hours a day from a local or remote connection.

The key principle in DYSTEN is customer focus. We will come up with a solution using all available expertise and the engagement of our team.

We offer support at the design stage of a project in order to ensure your product has an optimal lifecycle. This means that the devices developed by us are built to comply with developing technology standards.