Transport-oriented needs around the world are constantly increasing, making sustainable transport an issue that is becoming a priority nowadays. Certain innovative solutions should be developed in order to minimise the negative impact of transportation on the environment while at the same time increasing both the comfort and safety of travel. Such solutions would undoubtedly create an incentive to use public transportation. Due to the increasing awareness of travellers, there is a growing interest when it comes to innovative, energy-efficient, passenger-oriented means of transportation. Energy saving-related undertakings in transport are not limited to low-emission vehicles, but they also incorporate eco-friendly passenger information. The ideal solution are e-paper devices and LED solutions, which can successfully replace traditional printed timetables.

E-paper- the technology of the future

E-paper passenger information requires power only during the timetable updating procedure. Thanks to said fact, it is characterised by a very low energy consumption factor. Thanks to the possibility of being connected to solar panels supplying it, it does not require any connection to the power grid whatsoever. It is undoubtedly a remarkable advantage when it is necessary to install a given device in a location with no access to a power source. At a time when electricity prices are constantly rising, e-paper technology can translate into significant savings when it comes to the public transport network.

The displayed content is sharp, legible, and the images presented do not strain the users’ eyes. Unlike devices based on other technological solutions, e-paper information displays are perfectly visible from various angles, as well as in direct sunlight. Text elements, graphical content, maps, and photos can be displayed using e-paper passenger information-oriented devices.

A device basing on the e-paper technology can work continuously 24 hours a day, whereas the pieces of information displayed can be updated remotely via a wireless network. Thanks to the utilisation of proper software, updates can be performed automatically at intervals set by the operator.

LED technology- energy saving

LED technology is yet another solution that can be of use when it comes to energy saving in the context of passenger information systems. While comparing it to devices made based on LCD technology, LED displays require much less energy to operate. Furthermore, they are characterised by a high level of brightness of the displayed content and remarkable longevity.

An unquestionable advantage of the technology, especially while compared to e-paper devices, is the colour of the image- RGB LED technology displays the content in a wide range of colours while also granting satisfactory colour reproduction at the same time.

LED displays are a perfect solution when it comes to passenger information systems. They ensure energy efficiency, complete freedom when it comes presenting content, as well as trouble-free operation, regardless of weather conditions. Substantial savings on electricity bills cannot be neglected as well while discussing the approach based on replacing LCD displays with LED technology at bus stops, stations, and transfer centres.

The selection of the most advantageous technology depends on the intended use of the device. E-paper will be an ideal solution for textual advertising, as well as tourist and passenger information. RGB LED displays are recommended for devices based on displaying dynamic messages and videos.

Producer of energy-saving passenger information devices

Energy-saving passenger information devices are offered to customers by the Dysten company. The company has been repeatedly awarded as an innovative manufacturer of information devices based on e-paper technology. It has managed to win the following awards: Best Customer Initiative (Global Light Rail Awards, London), Technical Innovation of the Year (Global Light Rail Awards, London), and Smart City Poland Award.

Dysten is a producer of solutions for intelligent transport systems based on the utilisation of LED and e-paper technologies. The R&D department configures devices to improve their energy efficiency. Thanks to that, it is possible to create modern and sustainable transportation-related solutions. The upcoming InnoTrans Berlin 2022 fair will be a great opportunity to learn more about the company’s activities. Dysten will showcase its flagship devices including e-paper, energy-saving passenger information displays, and LED displays. The company in question would like to invite all the interested individuals to take part in discussions on technologies and solutions that can help create safe and energy-efficient public transport systems.

Make an appointment during InnoTrans 2022 from the 20-23 September in Berlin.

Dysten will be located at Sp. z o.o, Stand 140, Hall 2.1.