Szczyrk Mountain Resort is one of the biggest ski resorts in Poland. With 40km of ski trails, Szczyrk unquestionably sets the Polish record for the longest slopes. The intensive expansion of ski trails and chairlifts attracted a growing number of skiers and snowboarders, leading to an increasing amount of complaints pertaining to traffic congestion.

In response, Szczyrk Mountain Resort has launched free skibuses which transfer skiers from the parking areas to the chairlifts. An information system was needed to encourage motorists to make use of the skibuses and avoid obstructing the traffic with their cars while searching for a vacant parking space. Initially, a typical parking guidance system was planned to inform drivers of the number of unoccupied parking spaces at their location and to encourage them to park their cars further away from the resort. However, as a result of Dysten’s analysis, the objectives of the project were expanded to combine parking guidance information with tourist information.

Dysten designed, manufactured and installed tourist and parking guidance information totems and LED boards mounted on posts. This information technology solution can be integrated with mobile devices, both Android and iOS, which can be updated from any location. The applied solutions are designed to operate in difficult mountain conditions and ensure 24/7 service.

Information about weather conditions, parking spaces, and restaurants has been made available, as well as the possibility of marketing communication such as images, videos and advertisements.

This makes for easier parking and provides tourists with suggestions for choosing a chairlift, where to eat, and any necessary tourist information, without the need for a smart phone or internet access.

Szczyrk Mountain Resort has been provided with a system which reduces traffic jams on the congested national road which runs past the resort’s parking areas. Despite the growing number of skiers and snowboarders on the slopes, the traffic congestion has not  been made worse, as the tourist and parking guidance information system helps motorists to park their cars and access the slopes more efficiently using the skibus.

Dysten has designed and provided a customised solution which, in addition to accomplishing all objectives set by the Szczyrk Mountain Resort, enables advertisements to be displayed, potentially resulting in a quicker return on investment.