The Dysten company has joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs project ‘Polish Smart City’.

The aim of the Polish Smart City project is to create a joint offer, consisting of the best case studies that could be promoted abroad in the future. DYSTEN offers technologies that improve the quality of communication, increase energy efficiency, and facilitate travel.

DYSTEN solutions shown internationally are applicable to both urban and rail projects.

DYSTEN’s last project, eco solution and advantage in the area of Smart City:

  • The GZM Metropolis constitute one of the largest implementations in Europe, covering 41 cities with a population of 2.3 million. DYSTEN delivered a dynamic passenger information system for almost 7,000 stops and 460 passenger information displays made in LED technology. The DYSTEN has proved that smart solutions mean greater comfort for passengers.
  • DYSTEN focuses on optimisation: it develops solutions that increase reliability and reduce energy consumption. Recently, the company has reduced the electricity consumption of LED displays, thereby lowering the electricity bills of the public transport operator. DYSTEN has launched its passenger information display in e-paper technology, currently the most energy-efficient PIS display.
  • Polish Railways introduced new guidelines for the elements of the real-time information system. DYSTEN quickly adapted the devices and public address systems to the new regulations. The company is involved in many PIS projects, providing technologically advanced equipment for new railway stations and platforms. The DYSTEN company quickly and efficiently adapts to the customer’s needs, location and project requirements.