A study found that 67.4% of Polish citizens want better access to passenger information.

Dysten will be equipping around 500 stops and railway stations with real-time passenger information displays throughout 2019.

When it comes to creating sustainable smart cities, it is important to understand a uniqueness, what makes the community tick and keeps people happily and proudly living there.  Through the Intelligent Transportation Systems, cities and communities can become smarter and more connected. It is not a simple task to understand what will be valuable for our cities and passengers.

Research on the transport habits of Polish citizens was carried out. Poles need to have more bus and train connections and better access to passenger information. 67.4% of respondents believe that better access to passenger information would affect their willingness to use public transport.*

Dysten took this information to heart and in 2019 will equip approximately 500 Polish stops, railway stations and interchanges with real-time passenger information displays.

Why real-time passenger information?

Providing access to real-time arrival information decreases the perceived and actual wait times for passengers and improves satisfaction. Real-time passenger information systems enable users to determine the real-world version of the train service schedule. It allows to make adjustments and publish more accurate service information to passengers.

Dysten manufactures displays in various technologies tailored to the needs of operators: LED RGB, LED Amber, LCD with LED backlight and LCD TFT. As an answer to the excessive energy consumption problem, the company has designed and created low-power devices, giving investors an alternative to the traditional solution.

Dysten has experience and know-how in providing real-time passenger information. The company joins all known technologies: city, tourism and passenger information.

If citizens of your city also need better passenger information, we will be happy to provide you with tailored solutions.

* Source: Raport ‘Transportowe zwyczaje Polaków’.