MINMAX has more than 30 years of experience in providing isolated DC-DC and AC-DC power converters for a wide range of sectors, including rail.

Our range of DC-DC and AC-DC converters are of the highest quality and are designed and manufactured in accordance with our high standards.

Railway-certified power solutions

The MINMAX Railway Certified DC–DC Converter family, with power capacities ranging from 3W to 150W, are designed to meet stringent requirements and adverse environmental testing. Our solutions are specifically designed to be the primary insulation barriers for railway DC power architectures. All our converters are also equipped with standard DIP packaging. MINMAX converters are highly reliable and ideal railway applications use in backup power systems, train operation monitors, gate controllers, and traction inverters.

DC DC power converters for railway applications

These railway certified DC–DC converters are available for various DC battery bus voltages and tight regulation for a range of output voltages. In accordance with EN 50155:2017 certification requirements, these railway certified DC–DC converters conform to the railway DC input-voltage range and transient/variation requirements including the voltage isolation/withstand test vibration and shock/bump requirements in EN 61373. The converters also conform to the cooling, dry, and damp heat test requirements in IEC/EN 60068-2-1, 2, and 30, and the EMC railway standards in EN 50121-3-2.

An advanced circuit topology provides a very high efficiency, up to 93%, which allows a base plate temperature up to 105°C and very high I/O isolation up to 3,000V AC, with reinforced insulation. Further features include overload, overvoltage, and short-circuit protection, remote ON/OFF, output trim, and output sense. For fire protection testing, these converters meet the EN 45545-2 standard to ensure system safety.

Power converters for renewable energy systems, industrial and medical applications

MINMAX specialises in a wide range of power converters, which includes:

  • General Industrial DC-DC power converters: 1W to 60W for through-hole, surface, chassis and DIN-rail mounting assembly.
  • General Industrial AC-DC power converters: 3W to 60W for through-hole, chassis and DIN-rail mounting assembly.
  • Switching Regulators: 0.5A to 1A
  • Medical Certified DC-DC power converters: 1W to 20W for through-hole and surface mounting assembly.
  • Medical Certified AC-DC power converters: 20W to 60W for through-hole and chassis mounting assembly.
  • Ultra-high isolation DC-DC power converters: 1W to 60W for through-hole, surface, chassis and DIN-rail mounting assembly.

High-performance power conversion solutions

MINMAX provides fast turnaround times and high-quality, efficient service and technical support. We also pride ourselves on supplying our customers with products and efficient service in a timely way. Our adherence to the best quality standards has also helped MINMAX to become a preferred business partner.

We work hard to reduce any negative environmental impacts. Our products comply with the REACH Directive and the European RoHS Directive to help protect the environment. We also have a strong and well-established relationship with our material suppliers, which helps to ensure we have a stable supply of materials.

As a company, we aim to provide products of superior quality and deliver efficient service and technical support to meet all customer requirements.