Introducing the MINMAX MRZI100 and 150 series, the latest generation of high-performance DC-DC converters designed specifically for railway applications.
Housed in an industrial standard quarter brick package, these converters offer reliable power solutions for railway systems, with input ranges of 36-160VDC.

The MRZI100 and 150 series conforms to the stringent requirements of the railway industry, meeting the EN 50155 standards and complying with EMC standard EN 50121-3-2.
This ensures their suitability for use in railway environments, where robustness and reliability are paramount.

Key features of the MRZI100 and 150 series include an ultra-wide input range of 36-160VDC, allowing for compatibility with various railway power systems.
The converters provide I/O isolation of 2000VAC, with reinforced insulation, ensuring safe operation and protection against electrical hazards.

These converters boast excellent efficiency of up to 91.
5%, minimising energy loss and contributing to overall system efficiency.
With an operating baseplate temperature range of -40℃ to +105℃, the MRZI100 and 150 series can withstand extreme temperature variations, making them suitable for demanding railway applications.

The converters have no minimum load requirement and feature comprehensive protection mechanisms, including under-voltage, overload/voltage/temperature, and short circuit protection.
This ensures the safety and reliability of the power supply in railway systems.