MINMAX’s MDW15 and MDWI15 series are the latest generation of isolated DC to DC converter modules specifically designed for industrial applications.
These modules offer a remarkable power density of up to 74W per cubic inch (W/in3) and provide a full 15W of power in a compact DIP-16 package, occupying only 0.
5 square inches of PCB space.
This breakthrough in size allows for effective utilisation of critically limited space in industrial applications, such as motion controllers, inspection robots, uncrewed vehicles, and charging piles.

The advanced circuit topology employed in the MDW15 and MDWI15 series ensures high stability in terms of overall efficiency, power loss, and heat generation, regardless of internal and external conditions.
These converters achieve up to 87% efficiency and offer instantaneous load capacity.
Operating within a wide temperature range of -40°C to 85°C, the MDW15 and MDWI15 series are highly suitable for demanding industrial environments.
For enhanced heat dissipation, optional heat sinks and flexible design options are available from MINMAX’s power module manufacturers.

Each model in the MDW15 and MDWI15 series has passed CB Certification, EMI Conduction Class A Certification, and UL/cUL/IEC/EN 62368-1 safety certifications, ensuring both safety and quality.