The MRZI100 series is a new generation of high performance 100W DC-DC converters in a quarter brick package, designed specifically for railway applications with popular 36-160 VDC input ranges. MRZI100 is approved by railway industry standard EN 50155, and complies with EMC standard EN 50121-3-2.

Advanced circuit topology provides a very high efficiency up to 91.5% which allows baseplate temperature up to 105℃ and very high I/O isolation up to 2000VAC with reinforced insulation which are designed to meet stringent requirements and harsh environment. Further product features include under-voltage, overload/voltage/temperature short circuit protection, remote on/off control (positive/negative logic), output voltage trim, output sense and complies specifically with fire protection tests. It also meets EN45545-2 standards to ensure safety during railway/railroad vehicle operation.

Other features include:

  • Industrial Standard quarter brick package
  • Ultra-wide input ranges 36-160VDC
  • I/O Isolation 2000VAC with reinforced insulation
  • Excellent efficiency up to 91.5%
  • Operating ambient temperature range of -40℃ to +105℃
  • No minimum load requirement
  • Under-voltage, overload, and short circuit protection
  • Remote on/off, output voltage trim
  • Vibration and shock/bump test EN 61373 approved
  • Cooling, dry and damp heat test IEC/EN 60068-2-1, 2, 30 approved
  • Railway EMC standard EN 50121-3-2 approved
  • Railway certified EN 50155 (IEC60571) approved
  • Fire protection test EN 45545-2 approved
  • UL/cUL/IEC/EN 62368-1(60950-1) safety approval and CE marking