Commuters in the UK are missing out on compensation worth £100m that they’re entitled to for delayed and cancelled trains, according to a campaign led by Transport Focus, Make delay pay.

According to a report released by Transport Focus, only one in three passengers claim what they’re entitled to. Figures also revealed that just 39% of passengers claimed compensation for journeys delayed for 30 minutes or more. This figure plummets to only 18% claiming for delays of 15 minutes or more.

The public organisation aims to make commuters aware about Delay Repay – the compensation scheme operated by train companies.

Transport Focus is calling for operators to make passengers more aware over how and when they can claim their compensation by continuously announcing on trains after 44% of people admitted they would want to hear an announcement.

Additionally, it is also pushing to automate the process so passengers don’t have to ask for compensation. Given how 31% passengers couldn’t be bothered to make the claims, and 15% think it’s too complicated, Transport Focus believes railway companies must make the process simpler.

Chief executive of Transport Focus, Anthony Smith said: “Too many rail passengers miss out on compensation for late running trains.

“When things go wrong train operators must ensure every eligible passenger knows about Delay Repay and how to claim. They must also do more to make it easy to claim and automate this process wherever possible.

“To make their voice heard passengers must claim every time,” said Smith.