Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions has received a JPY40bn ($368m) contract to deliver 68 units of electric locomotives and their spare parts to the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA).

To be manufactured at the company’s Fuchu facility in Japan, the delivery of the locomotives will start in 2022.

The locomotives, which are suitable for both passenger and freight services, will primarily be used for passenger trains linking major Taiwanese cities.

TRA will induct new electric locomotives into the service for the first time since 1992. This will also be the first instance of TRA procuring complete electric locomotives built in Japan.

The Japanese group delivered electrical equipment for the TRA commuter train EMU600 series in 2000.

Since then, the company has delivered electrical equipment for over 700 cars to TRA.

In 2018, TRA ordered traction system electrical equipment for 520 commuter EMU trains.

Last month, TISS secured a contract from Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation to deliver replacement electric equipment.

Under the agreement, TISS will supply replacement electric equipment for 30 Series 700T trainsets operated by the Taiwan High Speed Rail.

Earlier this week, Swiss rail manufacturer Stadler won a €165m ($182m) contract from TRA to supply 34 diesel-electric locomotives.

The locomotives will serve on the 1,067mm narrow gauge network in Taiwan and are meant for both passenger and freight use.

In January, Hitachi secured a contract worth nearly TWD44.3bn ($1.44bn) to supply 600 electric multiple unit (EMU) train cars to Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA).

The company will supply 50 train sets comprising 12 train cars each. The EMUs to be delivered will offer intercity services.