Hyperloop One has joined with a number of firms to develop a transportation system.

The companies invovled in the development are Aecom, Amberg Group, Arcturan Sustainable Cargo, Arup, Bjarke Ingels Group, Cargo Sous Terrain, Deutsche Bahn Engineering & Consulting, FS Links, Grid, KPMG, and Systra.

A concept by Tesla Motors, the Hyperloop is designed to move pods of people at high-speed.

It involves firing frictionless, magnetically levitated vehicles through a near-vacuum tunnel. The concept will be solar-powered but is expected to be reliable regardless of weather conditions.

Using this concept, people and cars can be transported between cities at speeds up to 800mph.

"The product Hyperloop is a concept by Tesla Motors and Elon Musk, which is designed to move pods of people at high-speed."

Arcturan Sustainable Cargo is conducting a feasibility study to determine how the Hyperloop system can improve productivity at Long Beach and Los Angeles by increasing efficiency and reducing urban traffic and omissions.

Under a partnership with Arup, Hyperloop One will evaluate, develop, and scope opportunities in specific geographic regions.

Arup Group’s chairman Gregory Hodkinson said: "Hyperloop has the potential to solve many of today’s most complex long-distance transport issues.

"If railways helped enable the first industrial revolution, Hyperloop has the potential to do the same for the information economy, overcoming distances and creating connections between people, places, ideas, and opportunities."

Image: Hyperloop is a high-speed transportation concept by Tesla Motors and Elon Musk that is designed to move pods of people at high speed. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto / Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.