Heathrow Express has strengthened its partnership with cybersecurity and risk mitigation firm NCC Group to further secure as well as minimise disruption for its cloud-based mobile ticketing service.

If the Heathrow Express application witnesses a software failure or potential disruptions, NCC Group’s Escrow as a Service (EaaS) solution will ensure access to the application is still available hence reducing downtime. This will be done by creating a replica of its cloud environment by NCC Group.

With the cyberattacks at airports making headlines around the world, it’s clear why Heathrow Express has prioritised online security for its customers. Furthermore, the NCC Group was trusted to replicate the Amazon Web Services (AWS)-hosted cloud system as it boasts of over three decades’ experience in the escrow space.

Commenting on the solution, director at Heathrow Express, Les Freer said: “Speed and reliability is everything to Heathrow Express customers and that goes for our digital applications too.

“Making use of the cloud is the latest step in a long history of technology innovation for Heathrow Express and working with NCC Group will safeguard our customer experience and therefore our brand by guaranteeing the application’s availability in the event of failure.”

Heathrow Express was the first UK train company to launch a mobile ticketing application, allowing customers to purchase and receive tickets direct to their mobile device using a cloud-hosted system to support the sales process and improve user experience. Today, it has more than 18,000 passengers using up to 150 services on a daily basis.

Ollie Whitehouse, CTO at NCC Group, said: “Cloud technology drives costs down and boosts efficiency, but many businesses are yet to fully adopt cloud-based software due to concerns about its availability in the event of supplier failure, security vulnerabilities or any other unforeseen circumstance.

“Heathrow Express should be praised for refusing to allow security concerns to stifle the innovation that the cloud has brought to its ticketing application. By allowing us to replicate the company’s AWS cloud architecture, Heathrow Express will benefit from peace of mind around their application’s resilience, in turn, allowing their customers to book tickets and travel without disruption.”