The Ghana Railway Development Authority (GRDA) and China Railway Wuju Group Corporation (CRWG) have signed a $500m agreement for the continuation of the development of a Standard Gauge Western line.

As per the terms of the agreement, the Manso through Tarkwa to Dunkwa section of the line will be developed. The total line is about 100km long.

The project will include both passenger and freight services.

In 2017, the 22km-long Kojokrom to Manso line was awarded to Messers Amandi. Construction of this line is under progress.

The Minister for Railways Development Joe Ghartey said: “The British, who colonised the Gold Coast, now Ghana, left behind an active railway network of 947km, which the present government is working hard to renovate, add more lines and coaches to make the sector more viable despite the less than 100km operational rail network.”

Ghartey has urged CRWJ to complete the first phase of the project within the one-year time frame as mentioned in the agreement.

The CRWJ has been operating in Ghana since 2007.  The Chinese firm manages six subsidiaries in Ghana, including CR3, CR5, CR7, CR10 and the China Railway Major Bridge Construction Group.

Ghartey inspected the work on the 99km-long Tema-Mpakadan railway line and noted that the project will be completed by June next year.

The project will entail an investment of $230m. It starts at Tema, travels through Afienya and ends at Mpakadan, a few kilometres away from Akosombo.

Afcons Infrastructure is responsible for the completion of Tema-Mpakadan railway line. Udai Veer Singh, general manager of Afcons Infrastructure, said that the project would be completed on time.