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Train Control and Signalling Systems and Services

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Ansaldo STS is a leading international technology company operating in the global railway and mass-transit transportation business, providing traffic management, planning, train control and signalling systems and services.

It acts as lead contractor and turnkey provider on major projects worldwide. Ansaldo STS is headquartered in Genoa, Italy, and employs over 4,200 people in 28 countries.

Rail signalling systems

Ansaldo STS provides full service capabilities for signalling and transport systems in the areas of:

  • High-speed rail
  • Mainlines and freight
  • Mass transit and light rail
  • Computer-based interlocking
  • Planning, supervision and traffic control
  • Components
  • Operation and maintenance

High-speed line design, construction, project management, maintenance and financing

Ansaldo STS can carry out design, construction, testing, commissioning, system engineering, system integration, project management, operation, maintenance and project financing of complete high-speed lines or any of their subsystems.

Ansaldo STS design, produces, distributes and manages systems and components for turnkey transport systems and signalling systems.
Ansaldo STS designs and plans the solutions that are in a integrated rail transportation system.
As main contractor, Ansaldo STS provides end-to-end solutions for timely, successful and on-budget turnkey projects of any size or complexity3.
Ansaldo STS offers the most technologically advanced solutions for supervision and traffic control centres worldwide.
ERTMS is the new interoperable railway signalling system combining automatic train protection with the possibility of enhanced network capacity.

Turnkey rail project management

Ansaldo STS may also act as lead or main contractor or partner for overall transportation systems, including complete high-speed railway systems such as the Italian high-speed network. As lead contractor, Ansaldo STS provides end-to-end timely, successful and on-budget solutions for turnkey projects of any size or complexity, offering the following services:

  • System design
  • Project financing
  • Design, build, finance and operate (DBFO)
  • Build, operate and transfer (BOT)
  • Design, build, operate and maintain (DBOM)
  • System integration with interface management
  • Security
  • Ticketing
  • Operation and maintenance
  • After-sales service

ERTMS upgrades for signalling systems

Ansaldo STS provides full-service capabilities to large railway networks like India, France, Italy and the US. In Europe, the company is central to upgrading to the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS), leading to the interoperability of differing countries’ networks.

Ansaldo STS also pioneered the high-speed railway transportation era by commissioning the very first high-speed signalling system for the first LGV in revenue service in 1981 in France (LGV Paris-Lyon). In 2005, Ansaldo STS set another landmark, by putting into service the first high-speed line running on an ERTMS level two signalling system (AV Rome-Naples, in Italy).

The company’s main business lines in this area are:

  • Operation and traffic control
  • Wayside signalling systems and equipment
  • Computer-based interlocking systems for single main stations or multi-station type for lines
  • On-board automation and vital equipment
  • Operation support systems
  • Communications-based train control
  • Service and maintenance

The most advanced railway networks and mass-transit operators can only rely on the most sophisticated, high-tech and safest components available. Ansaldo STS develops these at three world-leading factories located in Italy, France and the US.


  • Navi Mumbai Metro

    Navi Mumbai Metro is expected to serve up to 100,000 passengers per day by 2027.

  • Tours–Bordeaux High-Speed Rail

    Also known as the South Europe Atlantic high-speed rail (SEA HSR), Tours-Bordeaux high-speed rail is a massive project under development in France.

  • Naples-Afragola High-Speed Train Station, Naples

    Naples-Afragola is a proposed high-speed railway station in the city of Naples, Italy. Italy's state-owned railway network operator Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) is responsible for the implementation of the project.

  • Nîmes-Montpellier Bypass High-Speed Line

    France’s Nîmes-Montpellier bypass, also known as Contournement ferroviaire de Nîmes et Montpellier (CNM), will be the first mixed high-speed Ligne à Grande Vitesse (LGV) line dedicated to both passenger and freight transport.

  • Naples-Bari High Speed Railway Project

    The Napoli-Bari high-speed railway project is being undertaken to increase the competitiveness of rail transport and aid in the socio-economic development of Southern Italy. The project is part of a number of strategic infrastructure investments being made under the 'Unlock Italy' initiative launched by the Italian Government.

  • Warsaw-Radom Line Modernisation

    The modernisation of railway line number eight section between Warsaw Okecie and Radom in Southern Poland was initiated in July 2013.

  • Glasgow Subway Modernisation Programme, Scotland

    Glasgow Subway in Scotland is currently undergoing a modernisation programme that began in July 2011. It is the first full-scale upgrade of the metro system since the renovations between 1977 and 1980.

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