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Train Conformity Check System (TCCS™)

Train Conformity Check System (TCCS™)

The Train Conformity Check System (TCCS™) is a technological system that automatically detects ‘irregular conditions’ that affect rolling stock in transit.

The TCCS™ system analyses the data acquired from its subsystems and detects possible defects and hazardous conditions, such as:

  • Violation of 3D profile limits
  • Overheating of rolling stock components
  • Fire on-board

TCCS uses high-resolution images to verify failures by selecting and highlighting specific critical areas. However, the high-resolution image subsystem is a subsystem for verification and not for detection.

The TCCS™ system automatically implements the detection functions on the train when it transits over the measurement zone. The measurement zone has acquisition and monitoring devices installed on both tracks in both directions. Configuring the TCCS™ for partial operation (unidirectional / bidirectional) is also possible.

The TCCS™ will communicate any abnormal condition to the operators in the control centre, which allows them to adopt immediate countermeasures.

Additionally the system is preset to send alarms to the signalling system so that the train involved can be stopped automatically.

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