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FAST Configuration Tool

FAST Configuration Tool


FAST is Ansaldo STS’s suite of tools for the design and configuration of a new generation of IXL systems.

It dramatically simplifies the operations and steps needed to design a new IXL scheme plan from scratch, or modify an existing one.

FAST is based on an extremely user-friendly interface that guides the designer from creation of the station or line layout to the generation of the final system files to be uploaded on the target IXL system and / or the generation of a complete simulated environment to be used for testing the system under design.

Main characteristics of FAST tools suite include:

  • Simplified system design through easy graphical scheme plan drawing
  • Train movement generation based on graphical objects selection
  • Automatic identification and display of the differences between two different version of the same IXL scheme plan
  • Automatic generation of the table of conditions
  • Automatic generation of bill of materials starting from scheme plan design
  • Automatic generation of Man Machine Interface configuration files concurrently to scheme plan design
  • Automatic generation of IXL system configuration data to be uploaded on the target
  • Not relying on third-party software licenses

Main features include:

  • Simple and fast editing of schematic plans
  • Movement generation and analysis
  • Graphic comparison of schematic plan modifications
  • Fast control table computation
  • HW layout and MMI automatic generation from schematic plan

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