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WSP is a global consultant divided into the three main areas of operation: Property, Transport & Infrastructure and Environmental. The rail sector is a key part of WSP’s operations in the UK and Sweden. By bringing together the operations within
WSP Rail, we are able to provide in-depth, broad-based expertise extending across all parts of the rail planning process. Our rail related expertise is within permanent way, track power supply, signalling, telecommunications, civil engineering and structures.

The skills of WSP in other technology sectors means we can assume overall project responsibility, regardless of the scale of projects. Our surveys and design services are complemented by skills in project management, construction management, co-ordination, modelling, inspections, operational and maintenance planning, as well as simulation. Some 250 WSP staff are currently engaged on rail-related assignments.

Rail planning resources

WSP Rail is able to offer services throughout the rail sector. This includes all phases of a project – surveys, planning, design, construction and management. We have extensive resources and broad geographical coverage. In addition to technical issues, all our teams consider ethical and ecological issues. WSP Rail’s sphere of knowledge is wide ranging, our engineers, landscape architects, community planners, surveyors, environmental engineers, geologists, geo-scientists and specialists in other disciplines, all work in collaboration. To achieve the best results for our clients and their customers, these teams draw from other WSP skills such as bridge engineering, geotechnics, rock mechanics, surveying and mapping.

Permanent way

Permanent way engineers are involved in all phases of the design process, undertaking modelling of track geometry, points, speeds, connections, rail lifting and platform design. Our specialists have in-depth experience of complex track geometry design
and permanent way material issues, providing input to multidisciplinary teams working on major rail projects.

Hallsberg Marshalling-yard, Sweden. 40 tracks, 100 sidings and 4km long. Client: Swedish National Rail Administration.
City Line, Stockholm. Commuter train tunnel, double-track line. Two underground stations, 6.5km of tunnels, 350m submerged tunnel. Client: Swedish National Rail Administration.
Bothnia Line, Sweden. 190km of railway, 150 bridges, 30km of tunnels. Client: Swedish National Rail Administration.
Ashford International Station. International and domestic passenger stations and associated infrastructure at Ashford in Kent. Client: European Passenger Services.
Rail Structures Assessment. Assessment of road and rail bridges, footbridges, train shed roofs and platform canopies in the Great Western Region over a period of 10 years. Client: Network Rail.

Track power supply

Track power supply encompasses overhead line and power supply systems for rail operations. High track speeds imply challenging standards on the interaction between catenary and overhead rail collectors. Modern automated and computerized signalling and
telecommunications systems for track traffic demand and high power supply reliability. Auxiliary power systems must be supplemented by back-up systems to avoid power outage.

Signalling and train control

Rail signalling encompasses safety technology that monitors and controls rail traffic to enable safe operation. Safety systems monitor and control rolling stock movements, provide information to drivers and traffic managers. Our schemes include the design of safety installations such as railway signal gantries, block systems and highway protection. Our assignments include the survey and design of signal plant, including safety reviews for relay and computerized signal towers, block systems, level crossing protection systems and ATC.


This sector includes telephone and radio systems, computer and cable networks for communication between systems, as well as for staff and rail users. The systems transfer control, display, telephony and data traffic through media such as traditional copper or fibre optic cables laid alongside track work, and include modification and interconnection equipment. Our activities include surveys and design as well as contracting inspections of pre-installed telecommunications systems.

We also provide the following services within the rail sector:

  • Asset management
  • Customer information systems
  • Environmental engineering
  • Fire engineering
  • Information technology modelling
  • Mechanical and electrical systems
  • Private funding initiatives
  • Planning supervisor duties
  • Structural engineering for stations and buildings
  • Strategic development
  • Supervision of contractors
  • Transport planning
  • Vertical transportation

The WSP Group

The WSP Group has extensive international experience in the UK, North and South America and Asia and currently has permanent offices in 24 countries. By integrating capabilities in transport, the environment and utilities infrastructure with expertise
in building design and management, WSP can offer a complete and comprehensive service.

The operational structure – divided into the three main areas of Property, Transport & Infrastructure and Environmental – is underpinned by the experience and capability of our staff, coupled with significant investment in information technology
that continues to lead the market.

Please also see Road Traffic Technology – WSP – Highway Planning, Maintenance, Design and Traffic Management


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