The Stouffville GO expansion project will improve 17km of GO Transit’s Stouffville line. Credit: EllisDon Corporation.
The project will upgrade three existing stations along the line. Credit: EllisDon Corporation.
Stouffville GO expansion will provide train service every 15 minutes. Credit: WikiCommons / GTD Aquitaine.
Four new stations will also be constructed as part of the Stouffville GO expansion. Credit: EllisDon Corporation.

Stouffville GO Expansion is a transformation project being undertaken by Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario to improve GO Transit’s Stouffville line from Stouffville to Toronto, Canada.

The project forms a part of the Metrolinx regional transportation plan, which aims to offer fast and convenient transportation for residents and businesses in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

The Stouffville GO corridor expansion is a component of the overall improvement of GO Transit service, including GO RER. The multi-year construction programme will provide two-way GO service all day.

Construction of the expansion project began in 2016 and is scheduled for completion in 2025.

The Stouffville GO expansion is expected to increase the Stouffville line service capacity to 400% by 2025. It will also provide frequent service throughout the week by increasing the number of trips from 1,500 to 6,000.

Stouffville GO Expansion details

The project involves the expansion and improvement of 17km of GO Transit’s Stouffville line to expand GO service in both directions. It also includes electrification of the corridor, the addition of a second track and related signals, as well as improvements to stations and railway crossings.

Stouffville line will be an extension from the Union Station and will serve downtown Toronto, East York, Scarborough, Markham, and Stouffville.

The two-way service will be available with a 15 minute-headway from Union to Unionville and a 20-minute headway between Union and Lincolnville stations during weekdays. The service will be available every 15 minutes from Union to Unionville and every 60 minutes from Union to Mount Joy during the mid-day, evening, and weekends.

The train service will be tripled along the line from 50 weekly trips to 170. The expansion also includes the construction of 2,000 parking spots and rehabilitation of tow parking lots.

Construction of the project began with the addition of a second track over a 5km-long section between Kennedy Road in Markham and Marilyn Avenue in Scarborough.

New stations in Stouffville corridor

Four new stations across the line at Lawrence-Kennedy, Finch-Kennedy, East Harbour, and Gerrard-Carlaw will be built as part of the expansion.

Lawrence-Kennedy GO station will be constructed under the Lawrence Avenue East overpass, between Kennedy Road and Midland Avenue. It will be situated towards the east side of the existing TTC Lawrence East Station.

“The project will expand and improve three existing stations along the line named Unionville, Milliken, and Agincourt GO.”

The station will be built as an island platform, which will be accessible through three pedestrian tunnels. The main station at the grade level will provide passenger pick-up and drop towards the east and west of its main entrance.

The Finch-Kennedy station will be located along the Finch Avenue road between Kennedy Road and Midland Avenue. It will have platforms on both sides, which can be accessed through three station access structures.

Gerrard-Carlaw GO station will be built at the Gerrard Street East and Carlaw Avenue intersection. It will be a central island platform with two side platforms and three pedestrian tunnels. The new station will have a provision for a connection with the proposed Relief Line Subway.

East Harbour GO station will be constructed on the western side of the Don Valley Parkway to Eastern Avenue. It will have two island platforms with four station access points, platform access tunnels, bicycle parking, para-transit lay-by, as well as a multi-use path.

Improvements to existing stations in Stouffville corridor

The project will expand and improve three existing stations along the line named Unionville, Milliken, and Agincourt GO.

Upgrades will include the addition of a second track and platforms with canopies. Stations will be installed with amenities and pedestrian bridges to the western and eastern sides.

A rail bridge, which acts as grade separator at Steeles Avenue, will be built and a new pocket / turnaround track along with associated signals will be installed at the Unionville GO station.

Contractors involved

Metrolinx awarded a $254.5m design, build, and finance contract to EllisDon Transit Infrastructure (EDTI) for the Stouffville Corridor stations improvement project in March 2018. EDTI collaborated with WSP for the design services of the project.

EllisDon Civil is responsible for the construction of the project, while EllisDon Capital is the financial advisor.