The B2N upgrade project will increase the capacity and performance of the North Coast railway line. Credit: Queensland TMR.
The estimated investment in the project is A$780m. Credit: Queensland TMR.
Stage one of the B2N rail upgrade is anticipated to commence in 2024. Credit: Queensland TMR.

The Beerburrum to Nambour (B2N) rail upgrade project is an integral part of the overall strategic plan to enhance the performance of the North Coast railway line, which is a 1,680km regional freight and passenger line operating within the Queensland Rail network in Australia.

The project will duplicate the 39km section between Beerburrum and Landsborough stations and make improvements such as station refurbishments, new passing loops, and other facilities. It will add track capacity, reduce travel time, and increase passenger and freight services on the North Coast railway line.

The state’s Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is responsible for the B2N upgrade project, which will be delivered in two stages. The overall investment involved in the project is estimated to be A$780m ($502.2m).

The early works on the project began in June 2022. Construction on stage one is scheduled to commence in 2024 and is expected to be completed in 2027.

B2N rail upgrade project details

The Beerburrum to Nambour section of the North Coast railway line comprises a single bidirectional track, with passing loops only at stations.

The existing infrastructure limits operational speeds due to suboptimal horizontal and vertical track alignment, compounded by the presence of numerous level crossings.

The operational constraints of the Beerburrum and Nambour section are limiting the North Coast line’s capacity to effectively meet current and future passenger and freight transport demands.

The duplication and realignment of the existing rail corridor will increase network efficiency and contribute to regional growth.

The B2N project is being developed within the local government area of Sunshine Coast Council and covers a total area of 253ha.

While the alignment follows the existing North Coast railway corridor in part,  some areas of road reserves, private land, and state-owned forest are impacted where the alignment goes off the existing corridor.

The early works for the B2N rail upgrade include the expansion of a new station park-and-ride facility at Nambour, the expansion of a similar facility at Landsborough, and the realignment of a section of the Steve Irwin Way with the relocation of a public utility plant.

B2N rail upgrade stage one details

Stage one of the B2N rail upgrade project includes the duplication of the rail section from Beerburrum to Glass House Mountains on an upgraded alignment while the Glass House Mountains to Beerwah section will be duplicated on the existing alignment.

The Beerburrum Road and Steve Irwin Way intersection will be upgraded along with a new road overbridge on the Beerburrum Road.

In addition, the Barrs Road level crossing at Glass House Mountains will be replaced by a new road overbridge linking Barrs Road with Moffatt Road, and the Burgess Street Road over-rail bridge will be replaced with a road overbridge.

Stage one also includes the expansion of the park-and-ride facility near the Beerburrum station, the development of a new bus interchange at Landsborough, and the upgrade of the necessary power systems to support the new line and capacity.

B2N rail upgrade stage two details

The scope of stage two includes duplication of the Beerwah to Landsborough section to follow the existing alignment and extension of passing loops at Landsborough, Eudlo, and Woombye stations.

The Landsborough level crossing at Caloundra Street will be replaced with a road over-rail bridge. The temporary single platforms at Mooloolah, Eudlo, Palmwoods, and Woombye will be replaced with permanent dual platforms linked by lifts and overbridges.

The second stage will also include the construction of additional park-and-ride facilities at the Beerburrum, Landsborough, Palmwoods, and Nambour stations.

The corridor between Beerwah and Nambour will be installed with automatic train protection and Level 1 European Train Control System signalling system.

Public utility plant relocations and enabling works will also be undertaken as part of stage two.


Stage one of the B2N project is being jointly financed by the Australian and Queensland governments on a 70/30 basis.

The total investment for stage one is A$550.8m, of which the Australian Government will contribute A$390m and the Queensland Government will contribute A$160.8m.

Contractors involved

Hall Contracting, a civil engineering company based in Australia, was awarded a contract for early works on stage one of the B2N rail upgrade project.

The enabling works and the design for the project will be handled by a joint venture between John Holland Queensland and Seymour Whyte, with SMEC Australia and WSP Australia serving as designers.

Axess, HKRP, IAG, and NineSquared are some of the consultants involved in the project.