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Peter Nilson is the editor of Future Rail, Airport Industry Review, and Ship Technology Global. He was previously the editor of the Just Food and Just Drinks digital magazines. He enjoys long walks on the beach and talking about the weather.

Peter Nilson


Fighting fires: FR104 out now!

In this issue: safeguarding against wildfires, the great modal shift from plane to train, cleaning leaves off the line, and more.

The great modal shift: how to persuade passengers to move from plane to train

Cameron Jones, CCO at SilverRail, explains why shifting travel from planes to trains is so vital, and how we get people to do it.

Overhead lines vs third rail: how does rail electrification work?

The two most common methods of electrification are overhead lines and third rail power. What are the benefits and disadvantages of each?

Cybersecurity: how to secure complex rail networks from digital threats

Israel Baron, VP of Customer Relations at Cervello, discusses the occasional but critical conflicts of balancing security and innovation

Nordic Re-Finance buys 44 Locomotives from SBB Cargo

Swedish leasing company Nordic Re-Finance has agreed on a sales/leaseback arrangement for SBB Cargo’s fleet of 44 diesel AM843 locomotives.

Medway Belgium orders 15 Siemens Vectron locomotives

MSC subsidiary Medway Belgium will bolster its rail freight operations by running the multi-system Vectron locomotives.

How low-cost airline subsidies are hampering the great modal shift

A new Greenpeace report argues that the difference in ticket prices, due to airline subsidies, is the barrier to travellers choosing trains over flights.

The Middle Corridor: Future Rail 103 out now!

The Middle Corridor and Central Asia’s rail independence, missed UK decarbonisation targets, the Odisha train collision, and much more.

Why the London Underground should switch to LED lighting

Lowe & Oliver director Fred Lowe explains the benefits of LED lighting on the Tube – and makes a public offer to London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Renfe orders 32 additional CAF EMUs

Renfe has exercised an option in its existing agreement with CAF for 32 additional EMU units, at a cost of around €190m.