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Environmental Testing and Test Facilities

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Maintaining and Providing Test Facilities

European Test Services’ (ETS) core business is maintaining and providing test facilities and delivering environmental test data to European industry. European Test Services (ETS) manages and operates the environmental test centre of the European Space Agency (ESA).

ETS is active in mechanical testing, EMC testing, thermal testing, altitude simulation and more. The broad range of facilities can accommodate small to large test articles. In addition to the test services, ETS also provides test-related engineering and consultancy services.

Rail vibration and shock testing

ETS’ services to the railway industry are focused on vibration and shock testing according to EN 61373, including test-related engineering services. EMC testing according to EN 50121-3-2 will be offered soon using the already available facilities.

Vibration testing facilities and equipment

One of the major risks for hardware failure results from the high vibration levels which equipment is exposed to during its life. ETS’ vibration test facilities generate mechanical vibrations, which represent any vibration environment equipment is exposed to. Our customers make use of a series of electro-dynamic systems and a 6° of freedom hydraulic system.

The two largest electrodynamic shakers are the QUAD multi-shaker for vertical testing and the DUAL multi-shaker for lateral testing. The QUAD shaker provides 640kN nominal thrust and the DUAL shaker provides 320kN nominal thrust. The interfaces for test article installation are roughly 3.3m × 3.3m and 3m × 3.5m. The nominal allowable payload mass is 10,000kg.

The test envelope of both facilities ranges from 3Hz to 2,000Hz with accelerations from 10mg to 20g (empty table). The HYDRA multi-axis vibration facility complements the electrodynamic vibration test facilities.

HYDRA has a 5.5m octagon test table for test article fixation and the allowable payload mass is 23t. The HYDRA test envelope ranges from 1Hz to 100Hz with accelerations from 20mg up to 5g (above 20Hz).

Instrumentation and data acquisition

Data acquisition during vibration and shock testing is performed with mechanical data-handling facilities that can also be used for analysis. The system is modular and mobile, which means that the number of measurement channels can be extended and connection of instrumentation can be performed in the preparation area.

The sensors that can be measured include piezoelectric sensors, ICP sensors, voltage output sensors and strain gauges.

EMC and ESD testing

For electromagnetic emission measurement and electromagnetic immunity testing ETS uses the Maxwell large EMC facility.

The Maxwell facility is a fully anechoic chamber (movable floor absorbers available) and offers fully automated EMC testing from 10Hz to 40GHz (radiation) and from 10Hz to 500MHz (conduction). The equipment available is compliant to MIL, DO, IEC and EN standards, enabling testing to be carried out for diverse industries.

Quality assurance and references

Our testing services and management are performed in accordance to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000. Currently ETS is undergoing certification to ECSS-Q-20-07A.

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