Tuen Mun South extension project expands the Tuen Ma Line southward by 2.4km. Credit: MTR.
The expansion includes two new stations, the terminal Tuen Mun South station and the intermediate A16 station. Credit: MTR.
The project will include the development of a new viaduct along the Tuen Mun River in Hong Kong. Credit: MTR.

The Tuen Mun South (TMS) extension project is a 2.4km long extension of the Tuen Ma Line southward from the Tuen Mun station in Hong Kong.

The extension project will offer a direct railway connection to the south of the Tuen Mun town centre, allowing residents to conveniently travel to various parts of Hong Kong through the railway network without any interchange at Tuen Mun station.

It is one of seven projects that are part of the Railway Development Strategy 2014 (RDS-2014) programme aimed at expanding Hong Kong’s railway network.

In February 2016, the Transport and Housing Bureau of the Hong Kong government requested Mass Transit Railway (MTR), a government-owned property developer and public transport operator, to submit a proposal for the TMS extension under an ownership arrangement. MTR submitted the initial proposal in December 2016, with subsequent modifications in July 2017 and January 2018.

The capital cost for the project is estimated to be approximately $15.8bn, as of July 2023. The government approved the financial arrangements for the TMS extension construction project in September 2023.

Construction commenced in October 2023, with completion anticipated by 2030.

TMS expansion project details

The TMS extension project will extend the West Rail Line (WRL) from Tuen Mun station via a new viaduct along the Tuen Mun River. The WRL was one of the original lines of Hong Kong’s MTR system, which has since become part of the Tuen Ma Line.

The project will include two new stations: an intermediate station at Tuen Mun Area 16 (A16) and a terminal station at TMS near Tuen Mun Ferry Pier. The new stations will be located next to the light rail stops and transport terminus, allowing for convenient interchange.

The viaduct will link to the existing overrun facility at Tuen Mun station and extend to the future terminal station.

New stations details

The TMS station will be constructed on Wu King Road near Tuen Mun Ferry Pier. It will include an entrance near Wu King Road Garden and another at Siu Hei Shopping Centre located near Tuen Mun Ferry Pier. The concourse and platforms will be on the top level of the elevated station’s mezzanine level. It will integrate into the promenade, providing a unique and stunning view.

The A16 station will be built at the existing Tuen Mun swimming pool blending the station design with the Tuen Mun riverside. It will be a three-level above-ground station with platforms on the upper level and concourses on the middle level, with entrances at both middle and ground levels. The entrances will be located near the existing GREEN@TUEN MUN recycling facility and the Hoi Wong Road Garden.

Sustainable features of the stations

The new stations will be integrated with sustainable features including solar panels on part of the rooftop, a partial green roof and rainwater harvesting.

The stations will incorporate a compact and open design to maintain the natural ventilation corridor of Wu King Road and will use the least amount of road space. It will also provide natural lighting for the indoor atrium.

Additionally, the stations will be installed with smart LED lighting systems, speed-adjustable escalators, and high-volume, low-speed fans which are widely used internationally for enhanced air circulation.

The stations achieved BEAM Plus certification [an assessment of building sustainability performance] in January 2024. Each station is anticipated to achieve an average annual reduction of around 20% in carbon emissions compared to traditional stations.

Refurbishment details

Several community amenities will be relocated and re-provisioned with new features to facilitate the construction of the new stations and the associated railway infrastructure.

The Wu Yuet Bridge will be converted into a pedestrian crossing facility for easier access. The re-provisioned Siu Hei Bridge will be connected to the Tuen Mun South station.

A part of the Wu King Road Garden near the Tuen Mun South station will be transformed into a designated area for passenger pick-up and drop-off, facilitating convenient transfers between various modes of transportation. The rest of the garden will be redeveloped to enhance the recreational space for residents.

Contractors involved

MTR entered a contract with the joint venture of China Road and Bridge, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company and Build King Construction, a construction engineering company, for the design and construction of the TMS extension project in December 2023.

The joint venture appointed AtkinsRealis, an engineering company based in Canada, to provide the design and engineering services for the project in April 2024.

AECOM, an infrastructure consulting company based in the US, was chosen to offer design consultant services for the project, which included engineering design, construction programme preparation, gazette plans, cost estimation and government agency interaction.

Project benefits

The project provides direct railway connectivity to the Tuen Mun South community. The travel time from Tuen Mun station to TMS station will be approximately five minutes, with no interchange required at Tuen Mun station. Currently, the journey between the TMS to the Tuen Mun station takes ten to 20 minutes during rush hours via road.

The project will create a sustainable transportation system and the reprovision and upgrade of community facilities will enhance the quality of life for people residing in Tuen Mun.

The journey will be safer, more reliable, convenient and comfortable. It will reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, noise pollution and carbon emissions.