Railway operators build and optimise their assets according to the changing operating requirements of users and regulatory authorities. The effective design, development, operation, and maintenance of railway infrastructure projects is crucial to ensuring their safety, enhancing the user experience and reducing operational costs.

Finding suppliers of infrastructure engineering and maintenance solutions

Railway Technology has listed leading manufacturers and suppliers of rail infrastructure engineering and maintenance solutions. The list includes companies providing planning, construction, operation, and maintenance services, as well as suppliers of train control and signalling systems; fleet and passenger management systems; passenger fare collection systems; and components for tracks, stations and trains.

The information in the download document is useful for railway operators, procurement officers, railway project managers, consultants, maintenance engineers, technicians and other individuals involved in railway infrastructure engineering and maintenance.

The document contains detailed information on the manufacturers and suppliers and their products and services, along with contact details.

Infrastructure engineering and maintenance for railways

Infrastructure engineering and maintenance products and services for railways include:

  • Infrastructure asset management software
  • Automatic revenue collection systems
  • Passenger rail interiors, station planning and design services
  • Rail vehicle design engineering and consulting
  • Risk assessment studies and operation optimisation
  • Rail infrastructure measuring and monitoring
  • Spare parts and maintenance for rolling stock and infrastructure
  • Specialised transport and logistics solutions for rail cargo
  • Software and liquid crystal display (LCD) passenger information systems

Importance of infrastructure engineering and railway maintenance

Customer-centric and project-oriented railway infrastructure engineering solutions can ensure the delivery of complex rail projects on time and within their budgets. The regular maintenance of rail infrastructure and fleets is essential to increase the lifespan of assets and reduce their lifecycle costs and the total cost of ownership.

Railway maintenance contractors offer compact and lightweight infrastructure components and reliable railway maintenance solutions to help keep tracks, rolling stock, overhead lines, signalling and communication systems, and station infrastructure in good working condition.