Railway maintenance requires cost-effective solutions, as it is a very capital-intensive process for modern rail operators. Railway safety, punctuality, and passenger comfort depend on the railway track, rail maintenance, and railway safety equipment.

A railway maintenance management system looking into the planning and scheduling, and availability of the infrastructure system, as well as effective decision-making tools and models are essential for track and rail maintenance. 

Finding suppliers of track and railway maintenance and safety equipment

Railway Technology has listed some of the leading suppliers of track and rail maintenance and safety equipment, based on its experience in the sector.  

The list contains manufacturers and suppliers of track material and equipment, such as point heaters, rail fastenings, spikes, rail welding equipment, rail lifting devices, railway sleepers, rail saws, rail notchers, clipping machines, power wrenches, rail drills, rail pulling devices, grinding and cutting machines, hoisting gears, handheld tampers, rail shoes, rail turners, track baseplates, and matting. 

The list also includes information on the providers of on-site welding, rail flaw detection, rail profiling, track renewal, track tamping, levelling and lining, and track lighting and warning systems. Also, explore suppliers of work vehicles and machines, such as ballast regulators, maintenance wagons, track ballast cleaners, rerailing equipment, track inspection vehicles, and track laying machines. 

Information on railway safety equipment suppliers offering products and services, such as safety ladders, reflectors, sensors, welding shelters, welding blankets, welding bays, guards and nets, is also available. 

The information provided in the download is drafted for railway executives, engineers, managers, suppliers, and other individuals involved in the railway industry.

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Railway tracking system applications 

Rail tracking and monitoring systems allow operators to monitor every section of the railway network and track the real-time position of rail cars. 

The real-time monitoring and tracking of railway vehicles help to improve the interoperability and reliability of the overall rail system by synchronising the traffic for passenger and cargo trains. 

Download our list here.