SICK - Railway Technology
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Sensor Solutions for the Railway Industry

SICK is leading manufacturer of intelligent sensors and system solutions for traffic and industrial applications.

Sensor and sensor solutions

SICK is leading manufacturer of intelligent sensors and system solutions for traffic and industrial applications. The company provides unique products and services to securely and efficiently control processes, protect individuals from accidents, and prevent damage to the environment.

SICK LifeTime Services offer support throughout machine lifecycles to ensure safety and productivity.

Railway profiling system for train profile measurement

Objects protruding from trains can cause significant damage to rail infrastructure. SICK’s Railway Profiling System (RPS) automatically detects clearance violations and their causes, including loose tarps. Clearance violations are detected in high resolution at normal speeds, in all weather conditions.

When cornering, permitted clearance is adjusted along a wagon, based on the distance of bogies so even tight turns are safely navigated.

Smart light grids for monitoring train doors

The SGS smart light grids prevent train doors from closing when an object or person is between the door panels.

The grids can be mounted on doors due to their slim design and two options for optical light emission (slim or flat). The flexible plastic housing of the SGS makes them suitable for curved train doors.

Inspection of railway tracks

Railway operators must regularly inspect tracks to maintain operational safety and traffic capacity across their systems, by inspecting rails, ties, ballast beds and mounting systems.

Multiple high-end Ranger 3D cameras are mounted on an inspection vehicle, and provide accurate cross-section profiles to calculate the geometry of the track. The cameras record up to 30,000 profiles a second, providing a quick inspection that allows railway traffic to run at full operational speed, and reduces maintenance costs.

Monitoring tunnel portals

To prevent unauthorised entrance to the tunnel, people and animals must be effectively detected in its portals.

SICK’s LMS111 or LMS511 laser measurement sensors ensure that the areas surrounding the portals is monitored horizontally and vertically. Combined with the Flexi Soft safety controller, incoming trains are distinguished from people or animals, avoiding false alarms.

About SICK

SICK is experienced in various industries and understands their respective processes and requirements. With intelligent sensors, it delivers products and services to meet specifications of clients.

The company has 7,000 employees, more than 50 subsidiaries and equity investments, and numerous representative offices worldwide. System solutions are tested and optimised in application centres in Europe, Asia and North America.

LMS100 Laser Measurement Systems

The LMS100 product range is the economical option in SICK's family of laser measurement systems, and an alternative to other existing solutions, particularly when long ranges and speeds are not the highest priorities.

LMS5xx Laser Measurement Technology

The LMS5xx laser measurement sensor is the successor of the widely used LMS2xx series. It offers a host of new features to boost performance in existing applications and break ground for new applications.

Ranger 3D Camera

The Ranger is an advanced camera for 3D vision integrators and scanner manufacturers. It features high flexibility, unsurpassed 3D measurement speed, and MultiScan functionality.

Smart Light Grids

SICK's smart light grids (SLG) are monitoring systems for a range of rail applications.