DPK Railways System supports the full transportation planning process for primary groups of employees in a railway company including train drivers, conductors, train crews and technical service crews.

For planning, services include:

  • Management of timetables
  • Rolling stock circulation optimisation
  • Planning transportation tasks
  • Planning of absences and other activities in long and short planning periods
  • Rosters generation support with advanced optimisation module

Operations functions feature:

  • Verification of employee assignments on an ongoing basis, reactions to unexpected actions such as absences or breakdowns
  • Optimised matching of employee and vehicle to the planned task where changes take place
  • Communication through a mobile device
  • Train team monitoring
  • Visualisation of trains on a railroad map

Settlements offers functions such as:

  • Checking actual work done against schedules
  • Employee work timesheets
  • Calculating carriage, mileage and technical trips
  • Operational costs settlements
  • Statistics, reporting, analytics

Optimisation tools are the most important element of the DPK Railways system. Optimal use of resources and cost control are important at every stage of managing transports and building a carriage schedule.

Use optimisation tools based on advanced mathematical methods to achieve the best possible results at every stage of the transportation process.

Costs are significantly reduced and kept at the lowest possible levels through the application of three-step optimisation.

Optimisation systems include:

  • Determination of train routes and times based on topographic railway network overview
  • Progress chart presentation over configurable sections of the railway network
  • Optimising module that combines trains into circulations according to defined parameters, cost functions and boundary
  • Graphical presentation of circulations with flat or 3D circulations with an option to correct them
  • Automatic circulations of rolling stocks and operational changes updates following timetable
  • Operational changes supported with optimisation module that schedules services based on rolling stock circulations taking into account definable criteria, cost functions and boundary

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