Over 24 to 27 September, DPK System participated in TRAKO 2019. It is the fourth time the company has presented at TRAKO.

TRAKO fair is the largest and most prestigious railway industry fair in Poland and the second largest meeting of the rail transport industry in Europe, in terms of the number of participants. The current level of development of transport systems and railway infrastructure in Poland, Europe, and the rest of the world, is presented there.

TRAKO is a great opportunity to promote rail transport (rail and tram), freight forwarding and rail logistics, present the latest technologies and meet in the industry environment. The fair takes place every two years, alternating with the INNOTRANS fair in Berlin.

The duration of the fair was filled with lots of business meetings and talks, both with our current partners and potential new clients from Poland and abroad.

During the 13th edition of the International Railway Fair TRAKO 2019, the company presented its stand in the main hall, showing the most interesting solutions in the field of information technology (IT).

We closely monitor the expectations and needs of users in the field of the development of IT systems for railway carriers in our activities, at every meeting with our clients, during implementations, service works or conversations during conferences and exhibitions.

This time at the fair, meeting the needs of our clients, we prepared two new IT solutions, the RMS mobile application and the Line Designer module, which, being integrated with the DPK Railways system, increase its functional scope and make it an even more efficient tool for transport management.

Featured products:

DPK Railways is a system that covers the area of passenger and freight transport, as well as rolling stock operation and employee management in railway enterprises. It comprehensively supports planning, disposition and settlement processes.

RMS mobile application is the application installed on tablets (or smartphones) with the Android system, integrated with dispatching stations. It enables the generation of electronic work sheets, collecting documentation, sending reports, displaying business timetables, presenting the current work schedule, direct employee-dispatcher communication and many other functionalities.

Line Designer module is a tool that enables the construction of train circuits and the design of working shifts for train crew employees.  The application uses optimisation algorithms and advanced graphic tools that enable easy construction and editing workflows.

During the TRAKO 2019 industry fair, DPK System experts also participated in several of the most important rail discussion panels, traction vehicle shows and the official evening gala, where experience could be exchanged among rail service providers.