DKP System provides modern information technology (IT) systems for supporting the management and optimisation of railway and other public transport operations.

Our extensive experience working with public transport carriers and technical universities in the field allows us to offer customised transport management systems with the latest functional and compliancy features.

Software is based on the latest technologies, which we are able to access through our partnership with Microsoft.

Management systems for railway operations

The DPK Railways system is designed to handle issues related to timetabling, rolling stock circulation, on-board crew scheduling, and costs. It is a multi-station and server software.

LineDesigner charts progress and optimises operations for a transportation network with a graphical presentation and edition of train circulations.
OptiGraf creates optimal staff timetables and verifies work orders with the use of advanced planning tools.
Dispatcher is a full-graphic, multi-user dispatch panel with automatic generation of crew work cards, equipped with an optimisation module.
RMS registers and verifies the performance of scheduled work. This solution is based on Android tablets with GPS systems and packet communication.
Verification WIP offers comprehensive settling of timesheets, rolling stock routes, fuel consumption and other operational costs.

DPK Railways supports work for employee assignment verification, supporting absence, breakdown and other unexpected events, as well as visualisation of vehicles on a network map. The system optimises employee task allocation based on transfers, and offers crew monitoring and mobile communications services.

The IT solution checks actual work completed in line with employee timesheets, as well as calculates statistics and reports on analytics such as carriage occupancy rates.

Optimisation software for the railway industry

Optimisation tools are the most important element of the DPK Railways system.

Use of resources and costs is monitored at every stage of the management of transport operations. Optimisation tools are used based on advanced mathematical methods in order to achieve optimal results throughout the transport process.

The system significantly reduces costs, keeping them as low as possible with a three-step optimisation process. It is based on rolling stock circulation, scheduled services and staff timetabling.

Rolling stock circulation for optimising operations

Mathematical algorithms are used to optimise rolling stock circulation to provide more efficiency for the capacity of carriages and optimal performance within a defined set of conditions and parameters.

Our system can be used to optimise staff tasks based on vehicle circulation to make optimal use of working time and minimise interruptions or surplus journeys with adjustable parameters.

The solution can be used for work schedules by editing long-term timetables. Employees can be assigned to specific tasks and services, making the best use of available staff.

Railway transport operations management technology

DPK Railways offers effective transport optimisation, cost reductions and legal compliance.

The system verifies the accuracy of employment in relation to applicable legal regulations and other internal company conditions. It features advanced analytics in a full range of data and indicators. Modern works tools such as mobile applications and employee portals are available through the system.

About DPK System Group

DPK System Group is a Polish company with more than 22 years of experience in IT systems dedicated to railway transport, as well as information systems for public transport operating in cities or nationally. We also provide information systems for heavy industry, healthcare and real estate security applications.

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