DPK System has won the contract involving the delivery of a system for generating train crew work schedules in a bidding procedure announced by the Warsaw Metro.

The completion of the implementation process is planned for 15 December 2019.

The implemented software is aimed at automating processes related to working time planning, settlements, generation of as-worked reports, and control of work schedule execution by employees working at positions in the transport division on shifts according to the work schedules, as well as developing the draft methodology for constructing: vacation schedules, work schedules, and continuous management of employees dealing with transport and working on shifts.

As of the day of announcing the tender, the Warsaw Metro operates 75 trains with six cars each (with a perspective of increasing that number to 120 trains) on two metro lines: line M1 (21 stations), line M2 (7 stations, with a perspective of extension to 21 stations), and the Kabaty Technical and Parking Station.

Currently, pursuant to work schedules (different working time systems), the transport division employs approximately 550 people, with plans to increase that number to 1,000 employees. The software is to allow 24/7 work, namely throughout the day, seven days per week.

The solution is to assure work time planning (work schedule) in a predefined period (such as month, year, or quarter) for all working time systems envisaged by the Labour Code, for the total of over 1,000 employees. The requirements include working time optimisation using mathematical algorithms.

The software must provide for the opportunity to introduce changes to the work schedule (moving the shifts, changing persons) and to perform current work settlements (attendance, absenteeism, etc). The system is to allow drafting a daily work agenda pursuant to the generated schedule for each day covered, with an option of introducing online changes by authorised users, and an option of providing additional information on the transport tasks and organisational tasks.

An important functionality of the system involves periodical settlements of working time (as-worked report) generated daily, monthly, and quarterly, depending on the needs on a particular work position.

Another important functionality is related to providing access to such data as the approved employee work schedule, and messages to employees via e-mail and web service.

The process of communication with the managers will be automated by transmission of the selected information from the work schedule using text messages (text message sent simultaneously to the number of recipients corresponding to the number of employees saved in the database).

DPK System deliberated on which IT system by our Company should be implemented in the Warsaw METRO: DPK Railways or TransERP, dedicated to the city transport.

It has turned out that both system functionally meet the requirements of the Client who, in this particular case, is both a railway carrier and the city transport operator.

This confirms universal nature of the IT solutions offered by DPK System, and the capacity of delivering services for the benefit of various carriers in the transport industry, both in Poland and worldwide.