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Innovative Rail Solutions Throughout the Train

As mass transportation becomes more efficient and intelligent, TE Connectivity works with you every step of the way to solve your connectivity challenges. TE Connectivity delivers the broadest portfolio and systems expertise required to connect power and data safely and reliably, anywhere in the world.

Today’s railroads evolve into a high-tech industry due to increased public transport demands. Whether it is rolling stock, services, system and signalling, including railway-related telecommunication equipment and infrastructure, the same challenges are being faced throughout this complex market.

For more than 50 years, TE Connectivity has helped make it easier and more productive to ensure reliability, as well as control maintenance costs for railway applications and signalling.

Deutsch is now TE Connectivity

For more than 40 years, Deutsch has stood for recognized connector technology, with the highest IP protection classes against dust, dirt, moisture, salt and rugged terrain. This new, strong team ensures improved worldwide presence to customers across the globe, regardless of mature or emerging markets.

Two specialists for connectivity with a single vision, TE Rail and Deutsch are committed to delivering world-class engineered solutions throughout the entire train.
Optimised for the greener demands on performance and budget, the new VESA vacuum circuit breaker is the first entirely electro-magnetic system for 25kV and 15kV vehicles.
From the high-voltage power line and throughout the entire train, we deliver the broadest portfolio and systems expertise required to connect power and data, anywhere in the world.
From urban rails to high-speed systems, gain the competitive advantage with
TE's innovative, safe and reliable railway components and solutions.

Sound applications expertise

Two specialists for connectivity with a single vision: TE Rail, the specialist in railway technology, and Deutsch, with its strength in high-performance harsh applications are committed to a common vision: delivering world-class engineered solutions throughout the entire train.

High-voltage solutions for railway technologies

High-voltage power distribution is facing many changes. Locomotive manufacturers are increasingly looking at efficiency savings in all areas of design. TE Connectivity engineers are developing the next high-tech component and assembly solutions for tomorrow’s railway technologies.

The company offers customers the complete high-voltage system, from pantograph to main transformer for 50 / 25 / 15kV AC applications. Products are also available for 3 / 1.5 / 0.75kV DC applications.

TE Connectivity’s comprehensive range of interconnection, insulation, protection and switching equipment comes pre-tested and ready for installation. Raychem polymeric insulation delivers high-impact resistance, light weight, small size and aerodynamic profile.

Plug and play capability ensures quick integration to help companies get their rolling stock fleet to a high operational level. Robust materials and long creepage paths ensure that products require no cleaning.

The VESA System

Application of high-voltage, electrical and mechanical engineering expertise means that all products can be proven designs, which integrate platform solutions to customer requirements for all vehicles, new or upgraded. The TE VESA product range can be delivered as components or as a balanced system.

The VESA system comprises market-leading technology, combining products from transformer down lead and intercar jumper cable assemblies, surge arrestors, insulators for pantographs and bus bars, voltage selector, earth safety and isolation switches, and the world’s first electrically-operated vacuum circuit breaker for rolling stock.

Interoperability of rail signalling, safety and communications systems

TE Connectivity has focused toward interoperability of control, monitoring and signalling systems, safety and security, passenger information and public communication, all of which are factors that lead to an increased demand for low-voltage application for railway vehicles.

Ever-increasing data rates and miniaturisation are driving new developments towards compact, robust high-speed communication solutions. The ability to easily upgrade system components and transfer or collect data is necessary to maintain technology leadership. On-board intelligence is networked together to provide a high degree of interoperability while maintaining consistent predictability and safety standards.

TE Connectivity offers solutions for a variety of applications ranging from tough environmental conditions, extended runs due to industry regulations, through to intelligent wireless systems. TE’s solutions are safe and reliable with the added benefit of low power consumption and leading optical performance.

Digital technology for signalling equipment

Capacity and speed demands on strategic railway routes are driving a move away from analogue systems and towards digital technology for signalling equipment.

The introduction of digital transmission networks on railways brings to manufacturers the challenge of developing system concepts and equipment interfaces, which are suitable for complex data communication.

The European railway traffic management system (ERTMS) is the newly agreed EU standard for train control systems. The liberation of the European railway system creates new basic conditions for railway operational traffic management.

TE Connectivity is committed to providing innovative solutions that are compliant with the latest market requirements. Products include industrial ethernet systems, single and multimode fibre optics and other ERTMS-compliant products.

System integrators must adapt existing control systems to meet these new requirements. This includes connecting new interlocking to the control system through the development of innovative interface systems that protect people and systems with high reliability.

TE Connectivity has the experience to deliver platforming for homologation, cable assembly product design and integration in cooperation with the railway signalling industry, whether it is onboard rolling stock or trackside.

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