This circular connector family provides flexible arrangements and a rugged mechanical performance.

The CIRP provides a modular solution to many applications. This IP67 rated connector (when mated) can withstand up to 2800V / 46A, is space efficient and requires no filler plugs.

Our advantages:

  • Shortest connector of its type, taking up less space
  • 2000 minimum mating cycles
  • Rugged and reliable under vibration and harsh environments
  • Sealed webs in the grommets with no need for filler plugs and speed up assembly with no need for dummy contacts
  • No additional backshell adaptor needed for 90o backshell.
  • Multiple colour-coded orientations.


  • Easy coupling, low friction roller pins on plug, reducing wear and easing connector mating (8Nm maximum coupling torque)
  • Stainless-steel wear pins in receptacle shell for positive, repeatable locations
  • 360o RFI grounding washer
  • Hard plastic insulator
  • Approved NFF16-101 Halogen free materials
  • Robust beryllium copper clip retained contacts
  • Modular design
  • Mated connector seals to IP67, includes innovative environment sealing of grommet entry


Rolling stock: Design, development and supply of interconnection solutions direct to major OEM partners.

Equipment (Sub-systems): Comprehensive product portfolio for all electrical interfaces on all rail vehicles.

Infrastructure and signalling: Trackside and signalling cables and connectors.

Maintenance, repair and overhaul: Innovation product solutions for upgrades and vehicle support to the vehicle life cycle.

Market Segments:

  • Rail
  • Industrial


  • Derived from Mil-C 5015
  • Derived from VG95234
  • NF-F-61-030
  • LUL standard
  • EN45545