TE Connectivity has created an advanced electrical roofline solution to enhance the efficiency of Siemens Velaro Novo high-speed trains.

“It is a priority for us at TE to co-create solutions with our customers that help enable a more sustainable world. So we are proud to have developed a low-profile, fully insulated electrical roofline solution that is part of the sustainable innovation for the Velaro Novo high-speed train,” said Thomas Brendel, TE Connectivity’s senior global account manager. “The biggest advantage of TE’s Next Generation Roofline System is the aerodynamic design, which reduces drag and saves energy consumption.”

Better overall aerodynamic performance has enabled Siemens to reduce energy use by 10% on its high-speed train.

“Our involvement helped reduce weight and energy consumption through compact, lightweight design and robust products designed for harsh environments that also lower maintenance costs,” said Brendel. “The TE system allowed Siemens designers to move the high voltage system below the roofline, creating a much-improved aerodynamic profile for the train.”

The new TE Next Generation Roofline System also contributes to an improved passenger experience by significantly reducing noise during operation.