TE Connectivity will showcase a model of the rLoop pod designed for the advanced Hyperloop high-speed transport system conceived by Elon Musk at InnoTrans 18-21 September in Berlin, Germany.

The rLoop pod was designed and built by 140 engineers from 14 countries, crowdsourced over social media and given a home at TE’s Silicon Valley facility. TE provided the rLoop team with sensors and connectivity solutions to power the highly innovative technology concept, as well as access to 20 TE engineering advisors.

The Hyperloop concept would allow pods powered by innovative drive systems to travel from one city to the other in a matter of minutes. Musk’s SpaceX aerospace company organised the first of a series of competitions to attract ideas from around the world for pods.

The rLoop team supported by TE was recognised for its revolutionary technology and honored with a prestigious SpaceX Innovation Award. The competition judges were particularly impressed by the pod’s battery system, which was created from scratch. rLoop continues to work on its pod, with continuing support from TE.