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Rail Noise and Wear-Out Reduction Technology

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We are an innovative and experienced team, developing systems that solve worldwide railway problems relating to noise, wear and tear, friction, vibrations, jolts, corrugation, maintenance problems, and railway working conditions. The BREMEX ANNSYS ‘Basic’; a rail break anti-noise system; the CL-E1 application systems for rails and DRYproANNSYS on-board system are economically efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. All our solutions are supported by revolutionary WONROS™ (Wear Out and Noise Reduction On Source) technology.

Main advantages of WONROS™ technology supported systems:

  • Extreme noise reduction on the source
  • Operates at all extreme weather conditions with the same environmentally friendly friction agent
  • User friendly handling
  • Safe and reliable working of the system
  • Flexibility of the system according to user needs
  • Simple for assembling and maintaining

BREMEX ANNSYS ‘Basic’ anti-noise systems for rail brakes

During braking, friction between wagon wheels and rail brakes generates disturbing noise. Elpa’s BREMEX ANNSYS system, for use at hump yards, shunting stations, classification yards and marshalling yards, reduces power of noise (squealing) by 99.9%.

Main advantages of the system are:

  • Extreme noise reduction on the source
  • Reduces vibrations and strokes on the rail brake
  • Effective anti-wear protection of rail braking segments and wagon wheel flanks
  • Effective anti-noise and anti-wear protection for exposed parts on the switches, check rails, etc
  • Operates at all extreme weather conditions with the same environmentally friendly friction agent
  • Environmentally friendly friction material contains more than 40% solid particles
  • Device is autonomic

The BREMEX ANNSYS ‘Basic’ device is suitable for all types of rail brakes and it is usually placed at the track before the brake or brakes. By using one device it is possible that more brakes are supplied simultaneously.

The applicators apply specially developed environmentally friendly friction agent directly onto the part of the wagon wheel flank being in contact with the rail brake. Timely and precise measuring of applied material onto a wagon wheel creates an intermediate layer of material which is decomposed thermally in the braking process. Friction agent doesn’t have any negative influence on braking properties and noise reduction is achieved as soon as device starts to operate.

DRYproANNSYS ‘BS’ and DRYproANNSYS ‘SS’ progressive anti-noise and anti-wear system

Onboard DRYproANNSYS systems are designed for wheel flanges wear out and noise reduction, caused by friction between wheels and rails.

DRYproANNSYS ‘BS’ onboard system is mainly used for tramways, suburban trains, metros, cave trains, which don’t have their own compressed air at disposal on board. The appliactors apply the composite material directly on the side and radius surfaces of the wheel flange.

DRYproANNSYS ‘SS’ onboard system is mainly used for locomotives which have their own compressed air at disposal on board. Composite material is directly applied on Qr radius on wheel flange with spray nozzle.

Main advantages of DRYproANNSYS systems are:

  • Effective wear out reduction of wheel flanges and rail tracks
  • Optimal dosing volume of CHFC material
  • Each dosing quantity can be set individually

Specific advantages of DRYproANNSYS ‘BS’ systems are:

  • Ability to apply the material on wheel with or without compressed air
  • System allows applying of the material on one wheel at four points according to specific problem (wear or noise problem)

Specific advantages of DRYproANNSYS ‘SS’ systems are:

  • Equable and precise application of the material on the wheel
  • Applying material without physical contact between applicator of the device and wheel

CL-E1 anti-noise and anti-wear system for rail curves

CL-E1 system reduces squeal noise on sharp-radius curves and wear out caused by friction between rail and wheel.

The system can apply the friction agent with boreholes or with blades. The boreholes are made into the rail head, what enables expanding of the material onto the precisely defined point on the rail head. The boreholes offer, despite extremely low consumption of friction agent, high noise and wear reduction. The results had shown a decrease of the squealing noise up to 14dBA at low frequency and up to 30dBA at high frequency, which is, in comparison to other noise solutions, a significant added value to noise mitigation on railways. The results also showed that by using of appropriate friction agent (CHFC material) the wear out was reduced more than 2.5 times which proportionally reduces the maintenance costs of railroads and rail vehicles.

The system with boreholes can be installed also in the middle of curve and doesn’t need to be removed when ordinary works on railways occurs.

Main advantages:

  • Outstanding noise reduction (up to 30dB)
  • Highly effective protection against wear
  • High IRR (internal rate of return)
  • Standalone option
  • Underground option
  • With boreholes or with blades
  • Optimal dosing volume of CHFC material

CL-E1 Barcelona Noise Reduction

ELPA together with Spanish partner Acosta Ingenieros solved long-standing problems with friction noise in the curve near Barcelona in just one day.

ELPA Product Guide

ELPA stocks a range of products that are designed to reduce rail wear and noise. These can be mounted on trains, trams or on the rails. They are particularly useful in populated areas, or on stretches of track with sharp-radius curves or other features which could wear down brakes or wheels.

Elpa Awards and Certificates

ELPA is celebrated for its contribution to the rail industry, with its anti-noise system for rail brakes receiving particular praise for its innovation.

ELPA at Innotrans 2016

Excessive levels of noise, of wear and tear, and high operating costs are problems which most railways and tramways face today.

The Portuguese Decide to Silence Rail Traffic

The leading company in the field of wear out and noise reduction on source ELPA d.o.o. continues its mission in making the life close to railways quieter and peaceful. After the testing phase in Lisbon, the responsible authorities nod to mounting CL-E1 devices in Portugal.

ELPA to Exhibit at Innotrans 2010, Berlin

Environmentally friendly WONROS™ technology fights friction noise and wearing out problems on source. Multiactive rail preserving systems enable reduction of noise caused by excessive contact friction between rails and wheels by as much as 99.9%. This year, ELPA will exhibit p

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